Exam Announcements

Listed below are exam announcements for employment with the City of Troy, the Troy Housing Authority, and the Troy School District. Most of the positions with the City of Troy require applicants to take a Civil Service exam.

The application form is used for both employment and exams. Please feel free to print the form, complete it, and mail it to the Personnel Office (original signatures only - no copies).

Download application | PDF

 Continuous Recruitment Exams
Examinations that are available through the City of Troy for which there is no closing date for filing. Applications may be filed for these exams at ANYTIME. Exams are given MONTHLY.
 Exam Title  Organization  Grade  Salary Range
 None at this time      

 Open Competitive Exams
Positions that anyone who meets the minimum qualifications may apply for. Provisional appointments MAY be made to competitive class positions. A Civil Service Exam will be held at a later date, and a permanent appointment made from the resulting list.
 Exam Title  Organization  Grade  Salary Range
Account Clerk  City of Troy 5  $26,266-$40,613
Account Clerk  Troy Housing  Authority 6  $26,838-$41,083
 Assistant Water Plant Operator/Trainee  City of Troy 7  $28,375-$43,228
 Assistant Building Plans Examiner  City of Troy 13  $36,920-$54,796
Assistant Code Inspector  City of Troy 11  $34,134-$51,090
 Code Inspector  City of Troy 13   $36,921-$54,796
 Housing Code Technician-Amended  City of Troy  9  $30,641-$47,623
 Housing Code Technician-Amended  Troy Housing Authority 11  $32,276-$48,305
 Library Assistant  Troy Public Library  3  $19,168-$25,565

 Promotional Exams
Candidates must be permanently employed by either the City of Troy, Troy School District, Troy Housing Authority or Troy Public Library, depending on the appointing authority seeking to establish an eligible list.
 Exam Title  Organization  Grade  Salary Range
 Assistant Code Inspector  City of Troy  11  $34,134-$51,090
 Code Inspector  City of Troy  13   $36,921-$54,796