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Mayor Madden Issues Update on Troy's Winter Storm Cleanup

March 15, 2017


Mayor Patrick Madden Issues Update on Winter Storm Cleanup

Mayor Patrick Madden issued the following update on cleanup operations ahead of the start of the declared Snow Emergency for the City of Troy following a severe winter storm which delivered record levels of snow across the Capital Region:

“Earlier today, the City of Troy declared a snow emergency in response to Tuesday’s significant snow storm. The snow emergency will commence Thursday, March 16th beginning at 8:00 AM with vehicles required to park on the even numbered side of designated streets. I would urge all residents to visit the City’s website to determine if and how the Snow Emergency declaration might apply to you.

The purpose of the snow emergency is to better clear primary streets and intersections. We do this by pushing back snow and, where possible, removing it. It is important that all those who live and regularly park on Snow Emergency routes are aware of and comply with the Snow Emergency directions as detailed on the website. Improperly parked cars slow the process down considerably which prevents city crews from completing their rounds. You can help by removing your car from the street by parking it in a driveway or in nearby city-owned lots and parking structures. See the city website for parking facilities that might be near you that are available for off street parking.

Please keep in mind that push back operations might result snow being pushed into driveways and sidewalks. We apologize for this and will try to minimize where possible but the unfortunate fact is that the snow has to go somewhere. Clear streets are safer for our municipal and public safety vehicles so that we can continue to deliver important city services to you.

Our plows have been out continuously since the start of the storm Tuesday morning. I would like to specifically thank our City plow drivers. During the last day and a half our Department of Public Works and Public Utilities staff have put in long hours under very trying circumstances. Each of them deserves our appreciation for their hard work to keep our streets clear and safe.

We are all committed to getting our streets open for you. While we all would like this most recent snow to be gone immediately the reality is that this process is going to take some time. I ask for your patience and cooperation as this process continues. Please abide by parking restrictions and do not shovel or plow snow into the roadways. We are in this together, and your assistance will greatly aid our operations.

And remember: spring is just around the corner.”


A Snow Emergency has been declared for the City of Troy beginning at 8:00am, Thursday, March 16. During the first 24 hours of the Snow Emergency, parking will be prohibited on the odd numbered side of designated snow emergency Streets (unless otherwise temporarily posted). During the following 24 hours (beginning 8:00am, Friday, March 17) parking will be prohibited on the even numbered sides of designated snow emergency streets. Vehicles in violation of these guidelines will receive a parking ticket and will be towed, both at the owner’s expense. A list of designated Snow Emergency Streets can be found on the city website.

Roadways not designated as Snow Emergency streets will be provided with normal plowing services. In the Central Business District (Federal St. to Ferry St. / Front St. to 7th Ave) normal parking restrictions will remain in effect as currently posted unless otherwise notified.

For additional information or questions in the event of a Snow Emergency, residents are encouraged to call 274-TROY (8769) for pre-recorded messages or the Department of Public Works Dispatcher at 270-4579 for information on vehicle towing, vehicle impound locations and specific street information. Residents are can also review the City of Troy Snow Emergency FAQ available on the city website.

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