The City of Troy is geographically narrow but culturally broad, as people can see in its neighborhoods. Many residents and Neighborhood Associations volunteer their time and energy on projects that showcase their unique areas. Some of the many activities undertaken include beautification of city parks, annual Earth Day cleanup of the neighborhoods, the sponsoring of festivals and activities for children, and much more. All of these efforts combine to help retain current residents, welcome new comers and attract the interest of many visitors to the city. Read about Troy's neighborhoods, talk to a neighborhood representative, maybe even ask for a tour. Better yet, think about relocating to Troy. You, too, could become one of the many residents working together to improve their neighborhoods and preserve and honor the rich history of the City of Troy.

Neighborhood Contacts & Associations

- Better Burgh Club
- Lansingburgh

North Central

Frear Park

- Historic Downtown

The Hill
- Beman Park
- Congress Street
- Hillside
- Mt. Ida


South Central
- Little Italy
- Pottery District
- Riverside
- Washington Park

- Eastside

South Troy
- Hill Street
- Osgood
- Stow Avenue
- Vanderheyden

Links Fire Department
CDTA (Public Transportation) F1- Lansingburgh Station - 115th & 5th Ave
Council Districts
F2 - Bouton Rd. Station Bouton Rd. & 15th St.
Historic District F3 - Campbell Ave Station - 530 Campbell Ave
Home Assistance Programs F4 - North St. Station - North St. & River St.
Lansingburgh Schools F5 - Central Station - 2175 6th Ave.
Troy Fire Department
F6 - Canal Ave Station - Canal Ave. & 3rd St.
Troy Police Department  
Troy's Public Library
Police Department
Troy Schools
P1 - Central Station - 55 State Street
P2 - South Station - 557 4th Street
P3 - North Station - 3100 6th Avenue
Troy Schools
Lansingburgh Schools
 S1  School 1 - 2920 Fifth Ave  S9  Turnpike Elementary School - 55 New Turnpike Rd.
 S2  School 2 - 470 Tenth St.  S10  Rensselaer Park Elementary - 70 110th St.
 S3  School 14 - 1700 Tibbits Ave.  S11  Knickerbacker Middle School - 320 7th Ave.
 S4  School 16 - 40 Collins Ave.  S12  Lansingburgh High School - 310 7th Ave.
 S5  School 18 - 417 Hoosick St.    Lansingburgh Schools official website
 S6  Carroll Hill - 112 Delaware Ave.    
 S7  Doyle Middle School - 1976 Burdett Ave.    
 S8  Troy High School - 1950 Burdett Ave.    
   Troy Schools official website