Dog License

All dogs 4 months of age or older must be licensed each year by their owner in New York State.

Why License Your Dog?

A dog license proves that you are the legal owner of your dog and will help reunite you and your lost dog. Licensing is important in the interest of public health and animal control, particularly in preventing the spread of rabies and enforcing the New York State spay/neuter law. This law mandates a surcharge on the license fee for unaltered dogs. Spaying or neutering your pet reduces the stray animal population, which is in the best interest of both animals and humans, by improving animal welfare and reducing the chance that either could become ill or injured from contact with a stray dog or cat.

How to Apply for a Dog License

You can license your dog in person at the City Clerk’s office or by mail. To apply for a dog license, you must complete the Dog License Application. As of July 2018, tenants are no longer required to obtain a notarized permission form from their landlords to apply, but it is your responsibility to abide by the terms of your lease. Attach proof of current rabies vaccination, proof of spaying or neutering, and a check, cash, or money order for the appropriate licensing fee. Proof of rabies vaccination should include the Veterinarian’s name/place of business, the manufacturer and serial/lot number of the vaccine, the rabies tag number issued, and the date and length of vaccination. Checks should be made out to Troy City Clerk.

City Clerk
433 River Street, Suite 5001
Troy, NY 12180

If you apply by mail your license certificate and dog tag will be mailed to you shortly after we receive your application and payment.


$15 Spayed/Neutered
$20 Unspayed/Unneutered
$7.50 Senior Citizens (65+)

There is a reduced fee for the following legal exceptions: guide dog, war dog, police dog, work dog, hearing/seeing eye dog, or other service/emotional support dog. You must present the exemption paperwork at the time of licensing and each time you renew to receive the reduced fee.

Annual Renewal

You will receive a renewal reminder by mail, phone, or email approximately one month prior to your dog license’s expiration date. If you have neutered or spayed your dog in the year since your last licensing date, please include that documentation for the reduced fee. If your rabies vaccination has expired, documentation of an updated rabies shot will be required.

No fee will be added for a late renewal. However, licenses are only good for one year. It is your responsibility to renew your dog license before or on the date of expiration. If your dog is picked up by Animal Control and has an expired license, you will be charged the non-license fee (see below).

Replacement Tag

Renewals do not require a new tag. If your original tag is lost, you may apply for a new one by mail or in person at the Clerk’s office. There is a $5.00 charge per replacement tag. Call (518) 279-7134 if you have any questions.

What Happens if My Dog is Picked Up by Animal Control?

Dogs are picked up by animal control for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to: stray and/or unleashed dogs, abandonment, improper shelter and/or care, attacks and/or bites of other animals and/or humans. Each case is unique and the animal control officer will provide an explanation for the seizure on your paperwork.

Your dog will be taken to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS), located at 3 Oakland Ave, Menands, NY 12204. Their hours are 12PM – 6PM, 7 days a week. They can be reached at (518) 434-8128.

How Do I Get My Dog Back?

Recovering your dog is a three-step process. First, visit MHHS to identify your dog in person and receive the appropriate paperwork. Then, come to the City Clerk’s office to pay your redemption fees. At this time, the Clerk’s office can only accept cash for dog redemptions. See the information below on fees. After the fees have been paid, you can return to MHHS with your signed paperwork and receipt to collect your dog.


Fees are set by law and are applicable for all dogs. Neither the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society nor the City Clerk are legally allowed to waive these fees. Total fees are based on whether your dog was licensed at the time it was seized.

• Impoundment Fees (tracked per owner over a three-year period): 1st violation, $50; 2nd violation, $100; 3rd violation, $150.
• Transport Fee: $25

If your dog is unlicensed:
• Unlicensed Dog Fine: $50
• License Fee: $15 Spayed/Neutered, $20 Unspayed/Unneutered, $7.50 Seniors (65+)


Please contact the City Clerk’s Office via email at [email protected] or via phone at (518) 279-7134.