Bureau of Engineering

The City’s Bureau of Engineering is located in City Hall. The office can be reached at:

City of Troy
c/o Engineering Department
433 River Street
Troy, NY 12180
(518) 279-7179

City Projects

The mission of the Bureau of Engineering is to design high quality public improvements which employ proven practices and sound engineering principles.

The Bureau of Engineering is responsible for the City’s buildings, bridges, dams, and support structures, as well as the safe management of 150 miles of roadway and over 125 signalized intersections. The Bureau administers planned improvements related to Troy’s roadways and right-of-way, surveying and mapping, design and new construction, flood control and floodplain management, and erosion and sediment control. They are the liaison with Federal, State, County, and municipal agencies for any such projects. The Bureau further coordinates with residents and property owners to implement the public improvements of new residential, commercial, or industrial projects and coordinates with utility companies for private utility construction in City right-of-way.

For information regarding the City’s zoning ordinance or building, housing, plumbing or electrical codes please contact the Bureau of Code Enforcement at (518) 279-7180.

For matters concerning drainage structures, water mains, sanitary sewers, or storm drains please contact the Department of Public Utilities at (518) 237-0611.


The Bureau of Engineering issues the following permits:

Accessible Parking
Required for the installtion of Accessible Parking signage within City rights-of-way.

Curb Cut
Required for the adjustment of curbing and sidewalk to provide access to City streets.

Details and Specifications
  • General Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines for Work Within the City of Troy Right-of-Way
  • Typical Sidewalk Detail