IDA Projects
  • 16 First Street, LLC
  • 25 Morrison Avenue Assoc., LLC
  • 2920 Fifth Ave, LLC – School 1 Apartments
  • 33 Second Street Building, LLC
  • Garnett Housing, LLC
  • City Station South
    Acquisition, construction and equipping of a four story housing facility.
  • City Station West
    This five story mixed-used commercial and residential facility includes approximately 21,000 square feet of commercial and retail space and (48) units of rental residential housing. The first floor level will accommodate 8 different retail users and a lobby with administrative offices and elevators to serve the upper four floors of residential student housing. A rear entrance lobby will exit onto the parking area with 31 parking spaces.
  • City Station East
    The Third Phase of City Station will be a five story, mixed-use commercial and residential facility that includes approximately 13,000 square feet of commercial and retail space, (48) units of rental residential housing and parking structures and improvements to accommodate approximately 250 parking spaces.
  • Columbia Chasan Realty LLC
    Complete renovation of approximately 34,000 square feet, 3 story building, including a new roof, windows, mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Columbia Proctors Realty LLC
  • The Conservatory
    Acquisition and reconstruction of former Stanley’s Building into retail space on first floor and 20 residential
    units on upper four floors.
  • The Cookie Factory, LLC
  • Dauchy Building
  • Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
    Acquisition and renovation of vacant restaurant.
  • Flanigan Square
    Conversion of a vacant manufacturing/warehouse building into commercial office space.
  • Hedley Park Place
    Acquisition and renovation of former manufacturing facility.
  • Hendrick Hudson Building, 200 Broadway
  • Hilton Garden Inn
    Select Service Hotel with Associated Retail, restaurant and conference space.
  • Hudson Art Haus
  • Ingalls Avenue Development Project
    Proposed park area to support the Ingalls Ave Boat Launch project. Improvements to the site will include additional lighting, green space, parking and informational kiosk. learn more
  • Monument Square Apartments
    Preserve the 89 units of affordable housing for the elderly and physically disabled while increasing the overall handicap-accessibility of the building and upgrading existing conditions on site to increase energy efficiency. Updates will also be made to kitchens and bathrooms and amenities will be added to increase the overall standard of living.
  • Old World Provisions
    Acquisition and expansion of a meat processing and packaging facility.
  • O’Neil Owners, LLC
    The O’Neil Apartment building contains 114 one-bedroom units of affordable for seniors. Improvements will be made to the common areas, heating systems, plumbing and other site infrastructure improvements.
  • Park Place at Brooks Edge, LLC
  • River Triangle Building
  • RPI East Campus Athletic Village
    Construction of the new multi-purpose stadium
  • 599 River Street Limited Partnership
  • Troy LDC – Main Street
  • Troy LDC – Water Street
  • Uncle Sam Garages, LLC 
    Parking Garage