Economic Development


Realize Troy – Comprehensive Plan (May 2018) 
Downtown Revitalization Initiative 2021


Neighborhood Plans and Historic Preservation


Lansingburgh Village Study (August 2004)
Lansingburgh Village Study Presentation (April 2005)
Soldiers and Sailors Monument – Existing Conditions Report (May 2017) 


Parks, Recreation and Trails


Capital District Trails Plan 
City of Troy Parks Master Plan (November 2021)
City of Troy Parks Standards Manual (November 2021)
A Plan for a Public Park on the Hudson River (March 2002) 
Lansingburgh – 1st Avenue Riverwalk 

Parking Studies


Office and Parking Assessment – Troy Downtown Collaborative Inc. (September 2003) 
Downtown Troy Parking Study – Fischer Associates (June 2016) 




South Troy Rezoning Proposal 
Reweaving Troy’s Urban Landscape – Congress and Ferry Street Corridor Analysis (May 2009)


Urban Forestry


Presentation of Troy’s Community Forest Management Plan (September 2019) | Link to Presentation
Community Forest Management Plan – DRAFT (September 2019) 
Complete list of street trees & planting spacing for Troy, N.Y. 
Short list of Recommended Street Trees for Troy , N.Y. (commonly available in local nurseries) 

Transportation & Transit

Congress, Ferry & 8th Street Corridor Conceptual Master Plan (2006) 
Congress Street Bridge Study (April 2021) 
Hoosick Hillside Study FINAL (2020) 
Hoosick Hillside Study Appendices – Hard copy on file in Planning Department 
Pedestrian Improvements for Public Transit in Albany, Troy and Cohoes (2014) 
South Troy Riverfront Bikeway/Walkway and Burden Iron Works Museum (2005) | PDF
Troy Bicycle Connections Plan (January 2018) 

Waterfront & Waterways


Troy Waterfront Plan – Summary Report (No Date) 
South Troy Working Waterfront Revitalization Plan (December 2003) 
Hedley District – Gateway to Troy (October 2006) 
Hedley Hotel Conference Center & Parking Structure – Storm Water Prevention Plan REVISED (February 2008) 
Local Waterfront Revitalization Program Application (2013) 
Poestenkill Green Infrastructure (January 2019)