Customer Service

Below are answers to questions we are frequently asked. If you would like to contact us directly you may do so at (518) 237-0611. For billing questions, please call (518) 279-7100.


Administrative Offices
Department of Public Utilities
25 Water Plant Rd
Troy NY 12182
Tel: (518) 237-0611
Fax: (518) 233-7038

Billing Office
Troy City Hall
433 River Street
Troy NY 12180
Tel: (518) 279-7100
Fax: 518-268-1682


Use the application below to request for a new water or sewer line.

Water and Sewer Service Application
Water and Sewer Service Application Instructions

How can I change my mailing address?

If you are moving, it is important to update the mailing address on your account. You may contact the billing office at (518) 279-7100 or complete our Change Water Billing Name/Address Form. The form can be mailed or faxed.

I am moving. What should I do?

If you are moving, it is necessary to update the mailing address on your account by contacting the billing office of the City of Troy at (518) 279-7100.

I am buying/selling property. What should I do?

If you are purchasing or selling a home in Troy, contact the billing office at (518) 279-7100 to request a final meter reading. The final bill should be presented at the home’s closing to ensure the seller pays all accrued charges.

Can the City discontinue or shut off my water for non-payment?

Yes, the City has the authority to discontinue your water service or shut off your water in compliance with the duly adopted City of Troy, Department of Public Utilities, “Rules and Regulations,” Section 111. Under that section, the department can discontinue water service for various reasons including non-payment.

Why does my bill change from month to month?

Bills change according to water usage, which fluctuates as a result of a number of things, including the number of people who live at a property. Everyone has different personal water habits that will affect the amount of water used in a given month, and water consumption may vary from season to season. Many customers increase their water consumption in the summer months by using water cooled air conditioning, watering gardens, washing cars, filling swimming pools, etc. Bills may also fluctuate based on the number of days in a billing period. The City of Troy bills quarterly, however, on occasion a bill can be over or under the 90 day period. Most bills are based on actual readings, while estimated bills are based on usage history.

Why is my bill so high?

Bills change according to water usage, which fluctuates from month to month. Many customers increase their water consumption in the summer months by using water cooled air conditioning, watering gardens, washing cars, filling swimming pools, etc. Otherwise, a drastic increase in consumption could be an indication that a problem at a property exists and should be inspected for leaks by checking all plumbing, fixtures and water appliances.

How can I lower my bill and conserve water?

Bills change according to water usage, which can fluctuate based on personal water habits. You can lower the water consumption at your property by installing water saving devices or following some simple conservation tips.

Why is my bill estimated?

Actual readings are obtained quarterly by a meter reader. Many meters are read by an outside register that transfers the meter reading to a location for easy access. If this register is blocked on in a yard that is locked, the usage will be estimated based on previous usage. Newer meters are able to be read remotely, this means the meter readers can obtain the usage from driving by the customers home. If you have a questions please contact the billing office at (518) 279-7100

How is my sewer charge calculated?

Your sewer charge is based on the water consumption at your property.

Can I pay my bill online or over the phone?

Bills cannot be paid over the phone. However, you can pay your bill online using our online service.

Can I pay my bill with a credit card?

Credit cards are also accepted online via the website.

How do I check for leaks?
  • Check all faucets and piping for leaks by monitoring for drips of water under sinks and from exposed pipes.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. If the food coloring appears in the toilet bowl, this means you have a leak. Some toilet leaks are intermittent, so you don’t always see or hear the water running.
  • Use the water meter as a guide. Make sure all water using appliances are turned off, read the water meter, wait 10 -15 minutes and read the water meter again. If the meter has moved at all there may be a leak.
  • Check plumbing in the basement by monitoring for drips of water coming from exposed pipes.

Occasionally, leaks develop behind walls or in areas that are not visible. Read your meter periodically to monitor for drastic changes.

I will temporarily be away. What should I do?

If you will be away for an extended period of time, you may call the maintenance department at (518) 237-0241 to shut off the water service at your property. Once the water service is shut off, all faucets should be completely drained. In addition, you should notify the billing office (5180 279-7100 of your forwarding address, so that you may receive your water and sewer bills. Troy has a return service with the Post Office, and any bills which are undelivered are returned to the city.

How do I prevent my pipes from freezing?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to protect the service pipe and water meter from freezing. If your meter does freeze, the City of Troy will replace the meter, and your account will be assessed a meter replacement fee. If the service pipe freezes, it is the owner’s responsibility to thaw the frozen pipe or consult a licensed plumber.

Tips on preventing your pipes from freezing:

  • Insulate water meter and pipes in unheated spaces like garages, basements, and crawl spaces.
    Additionally, insulating hot water pipes will decrease your wait time for warm water.
  • Repair broken and cracked windows, doors, and walls. Close all doors and windows near pipes, and make sure there is no draft.
  • During cold weather (prolonged temperatures below 32 degrees), allow a slow trickle of water to flow through faucets connected to water pipes that run through unheated spaces.
  • Disconnect garden hoses, and install covers on all outside faucets. Shut off water to outside faucets, and drain those water lines.
What should I do if my pipes freeze?

Do not use an open flame to thaw a frozen pipe. This is not only a fire hazard, it could also cause a steam explosion. Use a hair dryer or heat lamp to thaw a frozen pipe, and open a nearby faucet to release vapor from melting ice.

When pipes are frozen, there is often water available at one faucet but not another. If there is no water at all, the problem may be in the street. Call the the Department of Public Utilities maintenance department at (518) 237-0241.

How do I read my water meter?

Your water meter is read from left to right, just like a car odometer. Your meter reads in gallons of water.