Garbage Collection

The Bureau of Sanitation collects and disposes of approximately 14,000 tons of municipal solid waste per year. We collect from the 17,000 residential households and approximately 3,000 business properties in the city per week in a safe, efficient and sanitary manner. The Bureau of Sanitation also collects all recyclable materials such as plastic, glass, metal, paper and yard waste from residential properties in the city.

To schedule a pick-up call (518) 270-4579 or (518) 270-1115. To report a possible code violations, please call Code Enforcement at (518) 279-7180.


Weekly Household Garbage Collection

There is weekly collection in every neighborhood. Please call the Department of Public Works at (518) 270-4579 to find out when your household garbage will be picked up. Household garbage should be placed out to the curb or in the alley after 7:00pm the night before your pick up day, or before 6:00am the day of your pick up. Household garbage is primarily food or other organic waste and food packaging.

Garbage or moist or liquid waste is to be placed in water tight wooden, plastic or metal covered containers or heavy duty plastic bags tied at the top or specially treated paper bags. If animals manage to break open the trash container, it is the responsibility of the resident to clean up the trash.


The City of Troy’s “single-stream recycling” collection program allows residents to combine all their recyclables into one container. This means no more separation of acceptable items, making recycling easier for the residents while incurring no additional costs to the City.

All recyclable items are to be placed in one or more city-issued blue containers and placed curbside before 7:00 a.m. on your weekly garbage & recycling collection day. Recycling bins can be picked up at the Mayor’s office at Troy City Hall (433 River Street, Suite 5001) during normal business hours, 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). The following commodities are recyclable: junk mail, magazines, newspapers, telephone books, corrugated cardboard, 1,2,3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 plastics, metal food and beverage containers, glass bottles and jars (all colors).

For more information on the City’s single stream recycling program and a full list of accepted recyclable materials please visit Troy’s recycling web page. If you have any additional questions about recycling please contact the Public Works dispatcher at (518) 270-4579.

Holiday Collection

Remember that legal holidays will affect your garbage pick up schedule. There will be no garbage & recycling collection on the following days (unless otherwise specified):

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • July 4th
  • Christmas Day

Recyclable items will be collected on the next business day following the holiday.

Bulk Refuse Collection Policy

Items such as furniture, appliances, carpets and mattresses may be picked up by making an appointment with DPW at (518) 270-4579. You can also submit a request online using our Junk/Bulk Items Form. A pick up truck quantity or less may be picked up from an owner occupied one to four unit house at no charge. Any collections from non-owner occupied residents will be billed by DPW.

Bulk refuse items include old furniture, appliances, carpets, doors, mattresses, scrap metal, tires, etc. All metals shall be separated from all other bulk items.

Collection of a pickup truck quantity or less from an owner occupied single, two, three or four unit residence shall be collected at no charge to the homeowner or tenant.

Collections that exceed a pickup truck quantity from an owner occupied single, two, three or four unit residence shall be collected and an appropriate charge shall either be immediately collected from the homeowner / tenant, or, be billed against the property.

Rental properties where the owner does not reside shall be treated as a commercial property (business). Collections of any quantity of bulk refuse from a rental property where the owner does not reside shall have a charge levied against the property for the collection. Charges for collections shall be determined by the Commissioner of the DPW, DPW Inspectors or DPW Supervisors. These charges may be paid either at City Hall or at the DPW Garage prior to collection, or, shall be billed against the property.

The following properties in the City, including but not limited to, shall not receive bulk refuse collection from the DPW:

  • commercial rental properties (offices, retail businesses, commercial apartment buildings)
  • tax exempt properties
  • not-for-profit agencies

These properties shall be responsible for bulk refuse removal through the use of private contractors.


Tires will be picked up from residential properties ONLY. There will be no pick up of tires from commercial properties. You can make an appointment with the Department of Public Works at (518) 270-4579. The disposal fee is $3.00 per tire.

Yard Waste

Yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, brush, branches, etc.) is collected on a call-in basis throughout the year. You can also make a request online using our Yard Waste Form. Residents can place yard waste curbside on the evening before your scheduled day for pick up in biodegradable bags. Curbside location must be easily accessible from the street.

Do not set yard waste behind cars, fire hydrants, poles, and bushes or on top of sewer vents. Do not place yard waste in the street or on the sidewalk. Because yard waste is recycled into mulch, all other materials must be removed. Trees and limbs that have been cut by contractors must be removed by the contractor. Tree trimmings and hedge trimmings must be secured in tied bundles not heavier than 75 pounds, not more than 5 feet in length nor more than 18 inches in diameter. Leaves and lawn clippings should be placed in biodegradable paper yard waste bags, which are available at most hardware and home improvement stores. Setting yard waste curbside during any day/week other than the specified day/week of the residence will result in fines.

Solid Waste Violations/Penalties

Any solid waste material including construction and demolition material set out to the curb at other than scheduled times is considered illegal disposal. For these violations, the Litter Officer will issue a court appearance ticket and fines will be imposed.


[ATTENTION: The Alamo trash disposal facility is currently closed to the public. If you have any questions please call our Department of Public Works office at (518) 270-4579 or (518) 270-1115.]