Bulky Items

HAUL CHARGE: There is a $25.00 haul charge for all scheduled bulk collections up to 2 cubic yards (example: washer and dryer side by side) for owner-occupied properties only.

Non-owner-occupied properties will be charged an additional fee based upon specific bulk waste items (insert link to fee schedule document). Owner-occupied properties are exempt from itemized charges.

Important: You must select from the list of items to be picked up or list them in the box provided. To better handle your load we require that you separate your scrap metal from the other items being collected.

The City of Troy does not pickup construction debris. We suggest that for these materials, you contact a dumpster company or a private refuse company.

We do not pick up dirt, rocks, bricks, cinder blocks, sand or concrete.

If your items are not picked up in the expected time. Please follow up with us by calling the DPW dispatcher at (518) 270-4579.

Items cannot be put out until after 6pm the night before your scheduled day. Doing so will violate City Code and you may be assessed a fine.

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