Yard Waste Collection


UPDATE: Public Works officials issue updated leaf bag collection schedule for November 2020

Due to staffing limitations from the COVID-19 Brush (cuttings from trees and large shrubs) is currently suspended. Home or property owners who place brush at curbside will receive a violation and fine.

Starting August 1st, 2019, the city will no longer collect yard waste/leaf bags contaminated with non-organic materials (metals, plastics, cardboard/paper, etc.) OR yard waste which has been put in plastic bags.
The change results from a notice from the vendor who grinds and hauls our yard waste that the contamination levels are very high.

Contamination is caused by unaccepted materials (metals, plastics, cardboard/paper, fertilizer bags) being placed in yard waste bags for disposal. High contamination levels require additional sorting from the vendor, which cause increased fees to process these materials and additional costs for the city and public.

Residents can help eliminate this problem by appropriately sorting through materials placed in yard bags before collection. By working together we can prevent increases in costs due to additional labor-hours to handle this contamination.

Beginning in January of 2020, Residents and property owners will no longer be required to call for collection requests, as pickup will begin in the spring on the same day as recycling and solid waste collection.

For specific questions pertaining to collection, please contact the DPW dispatcher at (518) 270-4579.

Acceptable Materials

Yard waste bags should ONLY contain:

  • grass clippings
  • leaves
  • weeds
  • other leafy materials

Please Note: Brush (cuttings from trees and large shrubs) cannot be disposed of using yard waste bags.  Please trim them to 4-5’ in length and place brush and other oversize branches directly on the edge of your sidewalk or alley.

Residents and property owners will still be required to call for collection requests. Please contact the DPW dispatcher at (518) 270-4579 to request leaf/yard waste pickup.

Materials Not Accepted

Yard waste bags should NOT contain:

  • Plastic gardening waste (plastic plant pots, trays, or mulch/soil/fertilizer bags)
  • Other non-organic materials (plastics, metal, aluminum, cardboard/paper)
  • Dog waste
  • Garbage
  • Construction or demolition materials (sheetrock, lumber, etc.)

What’s changing?

City crews will place stickers on yard waste bags:

  1. deemed too contaminated for collection; or
  2. Placed in plastic bags.

These bags will not be collected. Residents can remove the contaminating materials and place the bags out for collection at a future date.

For more information, please contact Renee Panetta, City of Troy Recycling Coordinator by Email or by calling (518) 279-7171.