Municipal Assistance Corporation

The Municipal Assistance Corporation for the City of Troy (Corporation) is a corporate governmental agency and instrumentality of the State of New York, constituting a public benefit corporation. The Corporation was created on July 19, 1995, under Titles I, II and IV of Article 10 of the Public Authorities Law of the State, for purposes of providing financing assistance and fiscal oversight for the City of Troy, New York (City). To carry out such purposes, the Corporation was authorized to sell bonds and notes to provide funds for various purposes, including the repayment of certain of the City’s obligations.

The Corporation’s office is located at 80 Maiden Lane, Suite 402, New York, NY 10038. For inquiries, please call (212) 417-5046.

Mission Statement
Organizational Chart & Management Team

Board of Directors

Patrick T. Morphy, Chairman
Kenneth J. Baer
Michelle Hegan
Lynn M. Kopka


Financial Plans

2018-2022 Financial Plan
2019-2022 Financial Plan
2020-2022 Financial Plan

2018 OSC Budget Request
2019 OSC Budget Request
2020 OSC Budget Request

Annual Reports

2016-2017 Financial Report
2017-2018 Financial Report
2018-2019 Financial Report

2017 Management Letter (none issued)
2018 Management Letter (none issued)
2019 Management Letter (none issued)

2017 Investment Report
2018 Investment Report
2019 Investment Report

2017 Procurement Contract Report
2018 Procurement Contract Report
2019 Procurement Contract Report

2017 Prompt Payment Report
2018 Prompt Payment Report
2019 Prompt Payment Report

2017 Schedule of Debt
2018 Schedule of Debt
2019 Schedule of Debt

2017 Operations and Performance Reports
2018 Operations and Performance Reports
2019 Operations and Performance Reports

2017 Internal Control Assessment
2018 Internal Control Assessment
2019 Internal Control Assessment

Policies & Procedures

By Laws
Code of Ethics
Internal Control Guidelines
Investment Guidelines
Procurement Contract Guidelines
Whistleblower Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy

Agenda & Minutes
2017 Agenda | Minutes
2018 Agenda | Minutes
2019 Agenda | Minutes

Other Documents

Official Statement Series 2010A


MAC Board Meeting
Full Board and Committees Meeting

Date: March 17, 2020
Time: 10:00AM
Location: Offices of BST LLP
26 Computer Drive West, Albany, New York 12205
Contact: Michelle McManus 212-417-5050

Downloads: Agenda | Minutes

Note: The audit committee, governance committee and finance committee meet and operate as part of the regularly scheduled board meetings