Check Your Address

Protecting drinking water from lead sources is the shared responsibility of the City of Troy and the property owner. Troy DPU strongly encourages residents to identify the materials of the water service lines and interior plumbing serving their home, especially lead service lines. You can use our service line map below to see if your property has, or might have, a lead service line.

Help Us Improve this Map

Troy DPU has collected pipe material data for service lines based on permit records, water main tap records, meter records, and maintenance, repair and replacement work. However, much of the service line pipe material data is based on historic records and has not been confirmed. If you have not already done so, please find out if you have a lead service line and submit your results.

Understanding the Map

Zoom in or search for a specific address. Each dot represents one water service connection or account. Some properties may have more than one dot if there are multiple meters at the property or if there are separate domestic and sprinkler connections.

  • A green circle indicates that both sides of the service line have been verified to be non-lead.
  • A gray-green diamond indicates that the service line is likely to be non-lead based on our records, but has not yet been fully verified.
  • A red triangle indicates that one or both sides of service line are suspected or verified to be lead.
  • A gray square indicates that material of one or both sides of the service line has not yet been verified.