The City Assessor's Office is available to assist customers with assessment policies and procedures governed by the New York State Real Property Tax Law.

The Department of Assessment is responsible for assessing all real property within the City and administers program that grant real property tax exemptions to eligible individuals and organizations. The Assessor annually compiles an assessment roll of approximately 13,400 properties on which real property taxes are levied. It is the duty of the Department of Assessment to ensure fairness and equity in the valuation of all the real property within the City of Troy, and treats each property owner courtesy and professionalism in pursuit of this goal.

Please contact the Treasure's Office at 518-279-7115 for any questions or concerns regarding your property taxes.

Assessment Information

  • Last Revaluation: 2013
  • March 1st (Taxable status date) - deadline for all exemptions to be filed with the Assessor. Property improvements and condition, as of this date will be the basis for the upcoming assessment roll.
  • May 1st Tentative Assessment Roll is filed containing all values and exemptions for the tax year. Change of assessment notices are mailed this week.
  • 4th Tuesday in May (Grievance Day) - Board of Assessment Review meets to hear assessment complaints.
  • July 1st Final Assessment Roll filed. School, City, and County taxes are based on this roll's information. 

Tax Rates

Tax Rates (PDF) (current and previous rates)

Tax Bills


Get Information and instructions for filing a complaint against property assessment.

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