Filming In Troy

Two Sets of Buildings Split by a StreetTroy is a great place to produce your next feature film, television series, television pilot, or film for television.

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The City of Troy has become a destination for film and television productions in upstate New York.

Home to the world famous "Uncle Sam" Wilson and overlooking the Hudson River, Troy boasts a beautifully intact historic downtown filled with 19th century architecture, many examples of Louis Comfort Tiffany's stained glass artistry, authentic alleyways, and industrial sites - perfect for your next feature film or television series.

More examples of backdrops and historic buildings in Troy, NY can be found on our Pinterest boards, the NYS Film Capital Region Highlight Page.

Film & Television Production in Troy

You can see examples of Troy, NY in Martin Scorcese's film adaptation of Edith Wharton's Pulitzer Prize winning novel 'The Age of Innocence' (1993), starring Daniel Day Lewis, Michelle Pfieffer, and Winona Ryder. Set in the Gilded Age, only Troy's historic River Street corridor could stand in for 19th century Manhattan's famed Wall Street. The law office seen in the movie is the historic Rice Building in Troy. First and River Streets' Washington Park stands in for Gramercy Park in Manhattan. Other sites in the movie feature buildings located at two of our local academic institutions, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Russell Sage College.

The film adaptation of 'Ironweed', the 1983 Pulitzer Prize winning novel written by Albany native, William Kennedy, was also set in the Capital Region, with the opening scene shot at the corners of Congress and River streets in Troy. The interior of the Troy Public Library and the former El Dorado Hotel on 4th Street are also featured in the film.

More recently, both major and independent film and television productions have selected Troy for it's historic architecture and beautifully maintained downtown.

HBO's 'The Gilded Age' (2022), created, written and produced by Julian Fellows (Downton Abbey) transformed Troy's Monument Square as a stand in for 1880s New York City. Troy's historic Washington Park and the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall also were utilized for indoor and outdoor scenes. The television series is scheduled to premiere in January 2022.

Amazon Studios brought production for season 2 of their TV series 'Modern Love' (2021) to downtown Troy to replicate current-day New York City. (S2, E7 "How Do You Remember Me?")

'Motherless Brooklyn' (2019), starring Edward Norton, Alec Baldwin, Willam DeFoe, Bruce Willis, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, used Troy's historic street scapes in their film adaption of the hit crime novel, standing in for 1950s New York.

Troy's River Street Beat Shop in downtown Troy is featured in 'Shoplifters of the World' (2021), a film inspired by legendary English rock band The Smiths, set in 1987 Denver, Colorado.

Other notable productions filmed in Troy include:

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Troy, NY is pleased to be able to extend the New York State Film Tax Credit for production and post-production!

Production companies may be eligible to receive a fully refundable credit of 25% of qualified production costs and post-production costs incurred in New York State (NYS). There is additional funding available for an additional 10% credit on qualified labor expenses.

For eligibility and applications please go to Film Production Tax Credit Program site or contact New York State's Film Tax Credit Program at 212-803-2328 or email Film Production Tax Credit program.