Winter is Coming: Troy residents reminded to review City Snow Emergency procedures


Winter is Coming: Mayor Madden reminds Troy residents to review City Snow Emergency procedures

TROY, NY – Following the arrival of the first significant snowfall in the Collar City, Mayor Patrick Madden is encouraging Troy residents to familiarize themselves with the city’s recently updated Snow Emergency rules and procedures.

“During an instance of a declared Snow Emergency full cooperation from Troy residents will be critically important to ensure the efficient and effective removal of snow from city streets,” said Mayor Patrick Madden. “By adhering to these necessary rules we can all do our part to assist the Department of Public Works and Public Utilities crews clear city roadways of snow with minimal interference.”

Snow emergencies will be declared at the discretion of the Mayor approximately eight hours before the measure goes into effect. In the event that an emergency is announced, news outlets, including print newspapers, radio and television stations will be immediately notified. Information will also be posted on the city website and social media pages. An emergency will begin at either 8 a.m. or 8 p.m. and last 48 hours. However, if conditions warrant, an emergency may be extended an additional 48 hours with the odd/even parking restrictions starting over.

During the first 24 hours of snow emergencies, parking on the odd numbered side of affected roadways will be prohibited (unless otherwise temporarily posted). Parking on the even numbered sides of city streets will be prohibited during the second 24 hours of declared emergencies. Vehicles in violation of these guidelines will receive a parking ticket and will be towed, both at the owner’s expense.

Under a snow emergency, normal parking rules and regulations will be temporarily suspended on designated snow emergency streets only. These include:

  • the Boulevards (101st to 125th)
  • 103rd (River Street to 8th Avenue)
  • 108th Street
  • 112th Street
  • 116th Street
  • 15th Street
  • 1st Street
  • 2nd Avenue
  • 2nd Street
  • 3rd Street
  • 4th Street
  • 5th Avenue (101st to 125th)
  • 8th Street
  • Brunswick Road
  • Burdett Avenue
  • Campbell Avenue
  • Collins Avenue
  • Congress Street
  • Desson Avenue
  • Division Street
  • Ferry Street
  • Hoosick Street
  • Lansing Avenue
  • Liberty Street
  • North Lake Avenue
  • Oakwood Avenue
  • Pawling Avenue
  • Pinewoods Avenue
  • River Street
  • South Lake Avenue
  • Spring Avenue
  • Stow Avenue
  • Tibbits Avenue (lower)
  • Tibbits Avenue (upper)
  • Walker Avenue
  • Washington Street
  • Winter Street

Roadways not listed will be provided with normal plowing services. Central Business District (Federal St. to Ferry St. / Front St. to 7th Ave) parking restrictions will remain in effect as currently posted unless otherwise notified.

During snow emergencies, residents are asked not to place trash bins in right of ways. Additionally, recycling collection will be suspended during a declared snow emergency.

Troy residents are also encouraged to utilize available surface lots and parking structures during a declared snow emergency, including: 5th Avenue parking garage, State Street parking garage, Little Italy Market lot, Green Island lot, Front Street lot, 5th Avenue & Congress Street lot, 4th Street lot (between Ferry and Congress), the Y-Lot which (1st Street between River and State Street), the Knickerbacker Ice Facility, the South Troy Pool and the Frear Park Golf Course. Free overnight parking is available from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m.

For information or questions in the event of a snow emergency, residents are encouraged to call 274-TROY (8769) for pre-recorded messages or the Department of Public Works Dispatcher at 270-4579 for information on vehicle towing, vehicle impound locations and specific street information. Residents are can also review the City of Troy Snow Emergency FAQ available on the city website.


John Salka, Deputy Director of Public Information
[email protected] / (518) 279-7131