City of Troy Releases Draft Solid Waste Management Plan

City of Troy Releases Draft Solid Waste Management Plan

For Immediate Release
September 13, 2018

City of Troy Releases Draft Solid Waste Management Plan

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TROY, NY – As part of the City’s ongoing efforts to implement financially- and environmentally-sustainable policies and programs, Mayor Patrick Madden today announced the release of the Troy’s draft Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP).The plan outlines objectives for reducing waste generation and increased reuse and recycling in the Collar City and recommendations including the implementation of a pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) system and reopening the Alamo as a recycling facility.

The City of Troy’s draft SWMP was developed by the City’s Solid Waste Advisory Board and Recycling Coordinator using guidelines established by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) which assists municipalities in writing waste management plans. Upon submission to NYSDEC, the plan will serve as a guide for the City’s efforts over the next decade to increase recycling options and participation, decrease waste output, and control costs associated with solid waste disposal.

Mayor Madden said, “Effective management of our community’s solid waste requires a comprehensive approach to developing alternative, environmentally-friendly solid waste and recycling programs. Publication of the City’s first solid waste management plan is the next important step toward achieving that objective. This plan will guide our actions today and into the future on implementing positive, proactive policies which align with state-recommended guidelines. I express my thanks to the City’s Recycling Coordinator and members of the Solid Waste Advisory Board for their many months of diligent work to produce this valuable document.”

In development of the plan, the City’s Solid Waste Advisory Board took into account the immediate needs of the community combined with New York State’s approach to solid waste or “materials management” outlined in NYSDEC’s “Beyond Waste” report. The board also considered previous recommendations issued to the City. The board developed seven objectives which align with the City’s goals for waste reduction, reuse and recycling and creation of a financially and environmentally sustainable solid waste management strategy, as well as various recommendations for achieving those objectives.

Recommendations outlined in the City’s SWMP include:

  • reopening the Alamo facility as a recycling center;
  • creation of a pilot compost facility for yard & food waste;
  • evaluate feasibility of establishing a reuse center within the city;
  • expanded education and outreach from the City on solid waste and recycling;
  • creation of a deconstruction permit; and
  • adoption of the solid waste advisory board as a permanent body to oversee the implementation of the SWMP, bi-annual updates and new plan in 2029.

The public is invited to review and submit comments on the draft Local Solid Waste Management Plan. Comments must be in writing and can be submitted on the City of Troy website at

The City will submit the plan to NYSDEC to achieve compliance state regulations for municipalities relating to solid waste planning & comprehensive analysis.

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