City Officials Issue Update on Upcoming Events

City Officials Issue Update on Upcoming Events

June 2, 2020

In an effort to update our community about events scheduled this week in the city, we share the following information:

Previously it was publicized through a flyer that there was to be a rally on Wednesday at 12:00 in Riverfront Park. As this event doesn’t have a lead sponsor we have attempted through various communications, connections and outreach to determine the status of this event. It is our understanding that this event will NOT occur. We are remaining alert to any concerns that arise and remain committed to public safety in our community.

In addition, as we enter Phase 2 of reopening and realize that many stores and businesses have taken precautions for damage this week because of situations arising around us, we are encouraging businesses that would like to utilize their sidewalk or parking space directly in front of their door for their business to contact us. We will certainly work to help make that happen.

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