City Seeking Candidates for Police Objective Review Committee

City Seeking Candidates for Police Objective Review Committee

City Seeking Candidates for Police Objective Review Committee

Individuals interested in serving on objective review committee asked to submit name for consideration

Internal screening committee of law enforcement, NAACP, City Council representatives will be established to oversee candidate review process, make recommendations to mayor for appointment

TROY, NY – Mayor Madden today announced the City of Troy is seeking candidates to serve on the Police Objective Review Committee. Individuals interested in serving on the Committee may submit their names for consideration to the Mayor’s office at the address below. Applicants should include a resume and written statement as to why they would like to serve on the Committee.

Mayor Madden said, “Public participation is essential to the success of the City’s Police Objective Review Committee. With the assistance of law enforcement leaders, local representatives, and community organizations like the NAACP we will move this important effort forward and work to ensure objective review committee members receive the necessary training and skills to be effective in this new role.”

A screening committee will be established consisting of representatives from public safety, the Troy Branch of the NAACP, and City Council to review applications and make recommendations to the Mayor.

Renee Powell, President of the Troy Branch of the NAACP, said “In recent weeks, I have engaged with Mayor Madden regarding the re-establishment of a police object review committee for the City of Troy. As president of NAACP Troy Branch, I have agreed to work the Mayor to serve and assist with this process to re-establish the committee and ensure its success. From developing the duties and responsibilities of the review committee and its members to reviewing the applications of the proposed review committee candidates, NAACP Troy Branch has agreed to support this effort. It has never been more important to help put systems in place that work to serve the needs of Troy’s residents. I feel that we are moving in the right direction to provide that protection to all members of the community.”

Committee members must be residents of Troy and agree to complete all training requirements. Applications must be received by close of business Friday, November 15th, 2019, and should be submitted to:

Mayor’s Office
City of Troy
433 River Street, 5th floor
Troy, NY 12180


By email to: [email protected]
(Please include “Police Objective Review Committee” in the subject line)

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