Due to the coronavirus outbreak, City Hall is closed to the public. Please email [email protected] with questions. This page will be updated when City Hall reopens, or you can sign up for the Mayor’s email list to be notified via email.

All applications should be submitted via mail or email while City Hall is closed.

2021 Temporary Outdoor Dining Permits

Restaurants that would like to set up in adjacent parking spaces or other City property should submit a Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit Application.

Special Events & Block Party Permits

Special events are still limited to 50 people total, including staff, performers, and patrons. Applications must include the following addendum:

Use of City property for special events, block parties, parades, etc., requires a Special Event Permit. Special Events Permits are processed by the City Clerk’s Office. To apply you must submit 1) a completed Special Event Permit Application, 2) a copy of your Certificate of Insurance, 3) a background check form, and 4) One-Day Vendor Permit Applications, if necessary.

Complete applications must be submitted at least two weeks before the event. Applications will not be processed until all required paperwork is submitted and it may take up to two weeks to process your application.

Insurance Requirements for Special Event Permits

As required by Chapter 2, Section 14, of the City Code, you must carry a public liability, bodily injury, and property damage insurance policy which covers the property to be used and identifies the City of Troy as an additional named insured. Event organizers shall keep and hold harmless the City, its agents and employees for any and all claims, damages and liability of any kind whatsoever relative to or arising out of the use of the property. A Certificate of Insurance must be submitted to the City Clerk at the time of application and before any use of City property.

List the name, date, and time of your event on the Certificate of Insurance and attach to your Special Event Permit Application. Your Certificate of Insurance must name the City of Troy as an additional insured and must show liability coverage as follows:

Comprehensive General Liability

Each Occurrence $1,000,000
Aggregate $2,000,000
Products and Completed Operations $1,000,000
Products and Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000
Advertising and Personal Injury Liability $1,000,000

If alcoholic beverages are served or sold, add:

Liquor Liability $1,000,000

Depending on the type of event, at the discretion of the City of Troy you may be required to add:

Umbrella Liability $1,000,000 to $5,000,000

Background Check Required

A Background Check Form must be completed by the event organizer and, if applicable, for each One-Day Vendor.

One Day Vendor Permit

Even if a business already operates in Troy, it still needs a permit to vend on City property as its insurance only covers its place of business, not City property. If not currently licensed as a Vendor through the City Clerk’s Office, the business must submit a One-Day Vendor Permit Application and supporting documents.


Please contact the City Clerk’s Office via email at [email protected] or via phone at (518) 279-7134.