Tattoo Parlor Registration

The City of Troy hereby finds and declares the need to protect its people through greater supervision of tattooing and tattoo businesses. The City recognizes that the threat of AIDS/HIV and hepatitis contamination through shared tattoo needles and other aspects of the tattoo process has the potential for negatively affecting the health and safety of the general public. The City also recognizes that there has been an alarming expansion of the tattoo business into the criminal activity of tattooing minors. The City realizes its obligation to protect the health and safety of its people and hereby regulates the tattoo industry.

Any person engaged in the business of tattooing shall file a registration form annually with the City Clerk, containing the tattoo shop name, address, telephone number and business hours, along with a nonrefundable processing fee of $200 paid by certified or business check or money order or cash. No personal checks shall be accepted. The registration form shall be filed initially prior to commencing business and annually thereafter within the first 10 days of the year.

Customer Register

A. Any person engaged in the business of tattooing shall maintain a register of customers, including the following information:

(1) The name, address and age of the customer. If it would reasonably appear that the customer may be under the age of 21, then affirmative proof of age must be provided by the customer and the manner and proof of identity and age of the customer shall be recorded in the register.

(2) A description of the tattoo and location on the body.

(3) A statement signed by the customer acknowledging that he/she may be temporarily prohibited from donating blood under applicable rules and regulations of the American Red Cross or other regulatory agencies.

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