Engineering Projects

Spring-Campbell Signal
Installation of a new traffic signal and associated intersection improvements.
Status: Complete and operating.

State Street Garage
The rehabilitation of the existing parking garage, including concrete and structural repairs as well as a new stair enclosure.
Status: Interior concrete and structural work complete for the season. Demolition of staircase complete. Construction of new staircase to begin mid-February 2021.

7th Ave Park
Installation of a prefabricated restroom/mechanical room building, preparation for a new playground, installation of splash pad and all associated equipment, installation of a new and 2nd basketball court which includes all new hoops, backboards and associated surface striping and paint. New site lighting along with new walk paths and associated landscaping, water service, sanitary and storm water upgrades.
Status: Substantially complete. Landscaping and miscellaneous work to be completed Spring 2021.

10th Street Park Retaining Wall
The installation of a new retaining wall between 10th Street and the basketball court.
Status: Out to bid, construction Spring 2021.

Campbell Avenue Bridge
The reconstruction of the existing bridge on Campbell Avenue over the Wynantksill.
Status: Final design, construction to begin Summer 2021.

S. Troy Industrial Road – Phase I
The construction of a two lane road between the terminus of E. Industrial Parkway and Monroe St.
Status: Roadway construction complete. Burden Ave./Main St. signal work and Main St. railroad crossing to be completed Spring 2021.

S. Troy Industrial Road – Phase II
The continuation of S. Troy Industrial Road from Monroe St. to Adams St.
Status: Design.

DPW – 40 Orr St.
This project includes the construction of a new Traffic and Maintenance building along 7th Ave., a new salt storage facility, a new roof for the existing northern maintenance bays, and other associated improvements.
Status: Preliminary design of new traffic/maintenance building.

Police Impound Building
Construction of a 70’x34’ building which will be used for evidence processing and storage.
Status: Substantially complete.

2021 Paving (CHIPs)
Engineering staff is currently coordinating with local utility companies and City departments to develop our 2021 paving schedule.
Status: Planning.