LED Street Light Conversion

The City is partnering with Siemens Industries to convert approximately 4,400 street lights to LED technology in 2022. The project will help reduce street light power use, improve visibility, and plan for the future implementation of Smart City initiatives.

Purchase of approximately 4,400 street lights from National Grid was completed in early January 2022, the next step in the administration’s planned conversion of existing street lights to LED technology to reduce energy costs and improve visibility in public places.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are brighter than conventional street lights, and help improve visibility in public spaces for pedestrians and motorists.

The city estimates the switch to LED technology will reduce power consumption of street lights by over 60 percent, providing an annual energy savings of over $378,000. The City will save an additional $938,951 annually by owning the street lights, for a total annual savings of $1.3M.

Conversion of the City’s street lights to LED technology began in 2021. A total of 108 city-owned light fixtures were refitted in the Lansingburgh and South Troy neighborhoods.

You can help identify malfunctioning street lights in a timely manner by reporting them using the online reporting form. This information will be useful in tracking issues as we replace outdated light fixtures with energy-efficient technology.