Substantial Amendment to City of Troy
2019-2020 Annual Action Plan
Community Development Block Grants (COVID-19)

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID 19), the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has allocated $1,076,079.00 in CDBG-COVD 19 Funding (Community Development Block Grant). These allocations are authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES ACT), Public Law 116-136.

The City of Troy is now accepting applications for the CDBG CV-19 funding and the deadline to submit a completed application has been extended to August 21, 2020. These funds are in response to preventing, for preparing and to respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic and will be reimbursable for anything COVID 19 related dated March 17, 2020 forward under these categories listed below.

Application Process

The City of Troy’s Department for Housing & Community Development will be accepting applications for assistance. All applications must be filled out and returned by Email, or by fax (518) 268-1690 or mail to:

City of Troy
Housing and Community Development
433 River Street (STE 5000)
Troy, NY 12180

UPDATED (08/04/2020): Applications will be accepted until August 21, 2020 or until funds are exhausted. 


CDBG Covid 19 Public Notice
Citizen Participation Plan AMENDED


  • Youth Programs & Youth Summer Camp ($400,000.00)
    • $25,000.00 Maximum allocation awarded per application per site. Sites will be considered as any City Parks, Open Spaces and Public Organizational Facilities. Funds will be used to provide summer camps and summer youth programming as well as youth employment.
  • Business Assistance and Retention Grants ($400,000.00)
    • $10,000.00 Maximum allowance to be used for Business equipment/Furniture to adjust to new NYS COVID 19 Mandates and regulations (outdoor tables and chairs and umbrellas)
    • $10,000.00 Maximum allowance to be used to replace or upgrade Air Handling Systems to HEPA filtration & new Anti- Viral Technologies and antibacterial cleansing stations
    • $10,000.00 Maximum allowance for Unpaid rent/Mortgages, Utilities, Insurance and Technology   upgrades or New Technology to adjust to new COVID 19 Regulations and Mandates
    • $10,000.00 Maximum allowance for Job Retention of existing or Job Creation of New jobs to low/mod income residents. (Must not have already applied and received SBA Payroll Protection)
  • COVID 19 Meal Distribution and Food Pantries ($85,000.00)
    • All food purchased and used to help service the City of Troy Residence and to offset the cost of PPE supplies and food distribution to the most vulnerable population as a result of COVID 19.
  • Administration ($191,079.00)
    • Troy Administrative and related expenses associated to prevention, to prepare for and to respond to COVID 19 and NYS Mandates and Regulations as well oversight and monitoring of COVID 19 related programs and funding.

Below is the City’s recommendation for the distribution and use of the funds per eligible category.

Eligible CategoryAmountPercentage of Budget
Youth Programs & Your Summer Camp$400,000.0037.17
Business Assistance and Retention Grants$400,000.0037.17
COVID 19 Meal Distribution and Food Pantries$85,000.007.90
City of Troy COVID19 CDBG Allocation$1,076,079.00
Emergency Solutions Grant (COVID-19)

Through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) of 2020, COVID-19 Relief funds were allocated to the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program to help America’s low-income families and most vulnerable citizens in the wake of the pandemic. COVID-19 Relief funding was distributed through two allocations, the first round was awarded to States and Cities through the existing ESG grant formula in order to expedite the process of disseminating the funds. The second allocation of funding is based on a new formula looking at need due to the COVID crisis.

Below is the City’s recommendation for the distribution and use of the funds per eligible category.

Eligible CategoryAmountPercentage of Budget
Emergency Shelter$169,955.0031.5
Rapid Rehousing$75,264.6013.9
Homeless Prevention$254,178.6547.1
Administrative Costs$40,491.757.5
City of Troy COVID19 ESG Allocation$539,890.00

Emergency Solutions Grant (COVID-19) Potential Plan / Projects
Emergency Solutions Grant (COVID-19) Public Notice
Amended Citizen Participation Plan (COVID-19)