The Ironworks, HVCC Student Housing

In June of 2013, the College issued a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) which invited private developers to offer proposals to develop the site for College student housing. The College has recognized that to maintain and to grow its enrollment, it must offer students housing options on or in close proximity to its campus. The construction and operation of student housing at community colleges in New York State have become commonplace over the years. These experiences have demonstrated the value that these developments bring to the educational settings at New York’s two year colleges. Based on its previous studies, the College contemplated in its RFP that the HRC would be demolished and the successful bidder would thereafter lease the property from the College and the County of Rensselaer and build and operate student housing for the benefit of the College.

Hy Rosenblum Center, Building and Site Evaluation – 01/05/10
SEQRA Long EAF form – 03/23/14
Responses to Lead Agency Letter
Site Plan Drawings prepared by LA Group – 05/23/14
Architectural Plans and Elevations prepared by McKinney MacDonald Architects, LLC – 05/27/14
Traffic Impact Study Prepared by Creighton Manning – 05/23/14
HVCC Presentation from Informational Meeting – 06/11/14
Traffic Engineer’s Response to Public Comments – 06/19/14
Building Viewscape Study
Traffic Study Supplement – 06/23/14