Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch

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The Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch site is listed as a priority site on the Hudson River Estuary Program Boating Access Plan. The site is the best available boat launch site south of the Troy Dam for approximately ten miles offering access to a large urban population where it is extremely limited due to Interstate 787 urban conditions. The site is easily accessible from I-787 and Route 7 and is hoped to become a premier local fishing and boating access location.

Through the establishment of the Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch, Troy hopes to promote public awareness and appreciation for the Hudson River. Public boating access is a rare commodity in Troy and is unavailable south of the Troy Dam for approximately ten miles.

A Brief History

This project involved the installation of a concrete slab boat ramp (+/- 30’x80′, cast in place) at the terminus of Ingalls Avenue, with sectional floating dock (+/- 6’x40′), aluminum gangway (+/- 4’x40′) and kayak launch port (11’x16′). A 50′ x 110′ coffer dam is to be used during ramp construction and removed upon completion. Retaining walls and heavy stone fill will be used where bank retention and stabilization is deemed necessary upland. Additional upland improvements include new sidewalk, roadway regrading and repair, new driveway and parking lot, new lighting, and bio retention areas.

In 2012, the original design for the Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch project came under questioning by the Army Corps of Engineers. Although the 2009 plan was conceptually approved by the Corps, a concern arose relative to any structural use of their mooring wall that runs parallel to the city’s upland parcel that was to be used for driveway and parking. As a result of this weight load issue, the original design for this project had to be scrapped and a redesign done. In April, 2012, a redesign was commenced. Essentially, by moving the dock south, the City eliminated the primary concerns of the ACOE.

Aerial view of the former Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch
The former Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch (2016) prior to redevelopment.

However, with the shift of the boat launch south, the New York State Department of State (DOS) expressed a concern regarding the slight encroachment of the adjacent landowner’s riparian rights and requested the City to acquire the landowner’s approval before issuing a consistency certification. Further, DOS also requested the City receive a formal land grant from the New York State Office of General Services for this project as it impacted lands currently and previously under water. Without a draft consistency certification, the Army Corps of Engineers would not provide the City with a permit to dredge. These additional steps also necessitated the City receiving an extension to its DEC permits (water quality certification).

Also at that time, the city was in discussion with National Grid to coordinate the remediation of purifier waste encountered on site after construction commenced as outlined under the NYSDEC Record of Decision for the Troy Smith Ave. MGP Operable Unit Numbers 02, 03 (site #442030) as issued in 2011.

As the city continued to move forward on all regulatory elements of this project, a major delay occurred in acquiring the necessary riparian rights from the owner of an adjacent parcel. To this end, Troy’s Industrial Development Authority (TIDA) assisted, ultimately purchasing the adjacent land.

With riparian rights finally acquired, the city continued work to finalize its regulatory requirements for this project. Specific information items were complete with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (SHPO), the United States Coast Guard, and the United States Department of Interior.

Surveys were soon completed for the new easement and a request for Letters Patent went to the Office of General Services. The Department of Environmental Conservation received amended permit information and provided necessary time extensions. The Department of State confirmed the city’s consistency certification, thereby allowing a (new) permit request to be sent to the Army Corps of Engineers for dredging on May 1, 2015.  Public notice for that permit commenced December 10, 2015 with the permit finally being issued June 14, 2016.

With National Grid remediation being scheduled for spring of 2018, the City solicited a request for bids on this project in May, 2018, ultimately awarding the construction contract to C.D. Perry, LLC


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Channel Catfish caught by John on 08/16/2019

Channel Catfish caught by John on 08/16/2019