Scolite – Upper Hudson River & Estuary Center

The City of Troy and the Department of Environmental Conservation entered into a State Assistance Contract (SAC) for the Scolite-Upper Hudson River & Estuary Center under the Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) in March, 2008. In May of that year, the largest building remaining on this site, the former Rensselaer Iron Works, was destroyed by fire and razed to address safety concerns.

The majority of the demolition debris was removed shortly after the fire. However, a significant amount of brick and associated rubble could not be disposed of at that time as a result of asbestos contamination. In an effort to appropriately dispose of the asbestos contaminated waste, the City requested an amendment of an Empire State Development Corporation’s RESTORE NY grant for development on this site. In late 2008, the City was granted permission to use $400,000 of this grant toward disposal efforts. Although these funds allowed a large quantity of contaminated debris to be removed, it did not fund a complete remediation of the asbestos contaminated brick.

In May, 2009, the New York State Department of Labor issued a Notice of Violation to the waste hauler contracted by the City to remove the contaminated brick ordering a cover be placed over the remaining pile (enclosed). The City complied with this order in May, 2009. Although no further remedial efforts have occurred toward the asbestos contaminated pile remaining on site due to a lack of funding, H2H Associates completed a GPS survey of the pile in September, 2009. The results of this survey are enclosed.

The City recently became aware that the Environmental Restoration Program may cover up to 90% of costs incurred for asbestos abatement projects that consist of any measure designed to reduce exposure to, remove, or eliminate asbestos or asbestos-containing material outside of a structure (Sect. As such, the City respectfully requests that our SAC be amended to include funding for this remedial effort.

To note, the additional funds were granted to the City in May, 2011. We started removing the remaining contaminated rubble on 10/3/11 (Penns Contracting, Inc.)

For more information on this project contact the City of Troy’s Planning Department at (518) 279-7153.