Traffic Signals Improvement Project Phase II

Questions and comments regarding this project may be addressed to: Jim Rivers, Engineering Assistant – City of Troy 1 Monument Square Troy, NY 12180 (518) 270-4566


Replace old antiquated traffic signal equipment within the Historic Central Business District (roughly bounded by Federal Street/Ferry Street/River Street/6th Avenue) Provide American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance with sidewalk ramps and pedestrian signalization Provide a coordinated traffic signal system Balance the needs of motor vehicles with pedestrian safety Permit integration of the traffic control in the corridor with regional transportation management systems


The project is the second phase of the City’s efforts to replace antiquated traffic signals. This project includes the replacement of traffic signal equipment at 22 intersections within the Historic Central Business District (roughly bounded by Federal Street/Ferry Street/River Street/6th Avenue). These signals are at the intersections of:


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Ferry St & 3rd St
Ferry St & 4th St
Congress St & 4th St
Congress St & 3rd St
Congress St & 2nd St
Congress St & 1st St
Congress St & River St State St/ 3rd St
State St/ 4th St
State St/ 5th Ave
State St/ 6th Ave
Broadway/ 5th Ave
Broadway/ 4th St
Broadway/ 3rd St Fulton St/ 3rd St
Fulton St/ 4th St
Fulton St/ 5th Ave
Fulton St/ 6th Ave

All of these signals will be entirely replaced and all of the intersections will have pedestrian features with Man/Hand symbols, pushbuttons and countdown timers. Intersections currently without accessible ramps will have ramps added along with the new signal equipment.

Since portions of the project are located within the National Central Troy Historic District and the Riverfront, First Street, Second Street, Third Street, Fourth Street, and Fifth Avenue Local Districts, proactive public outreach efforts will be an integral aspect of the project. It is anticipated that ornamental design features will be incorporated throughout the project to integrate with the Historic setting.

The traffic signal equipment itself will be “state of the art” and the signal displays will be new Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) that significantly reduce electricity usage and improve signal brightness. The system will be capable of being integrated into the regional transportation management system and can be controlled by computer from a central location at a future date. This is the second phase of the City’s signal improvement program.


The Federal Highway Administration will fund eighty percent (80%) of the project costs, The New York State Department of Transportation will fund fifteen percent (15%), The City of Troy will fund the remaining five percent (5%).

Construction has begun on the project by Stilsing Electric. Anticipated construction completion is Summer of 2009.


Besides vehicular and pedestrian benefits mentioned above, the project will: Reduce total vehicle delay, reduce gasoline consumption, reduce air pollution, reduce electricity consumption, and permit the City to provide flexible transportation strategies in the corridor.