Troy Local Development Corporation (TLDC)

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The objective of the Troy Local Development Corporation is to construct, acquire, rehabilitate and improve buildings or sites and to assist financially with the construction, acquisition, rehabilitation and improvement of buildings or sites, for use by others, that are located in the City of Troy.

From meeting with existing businesses and discussing how we can best support the retention of jobs, and facilitate growth and expansion, to attracting new investors who have the need to create new jobs and the desire to contribute to our commercial tax base, to reclaiming and redeveloping the most underutilized and under appreciated locations along our waterfront, the TLDC’s an active economic development agent of the City of Troy.

Working in tandem with our local partners, the City of Troy and the Troy Industrial Development Authority, we have strengthened our federal, state, and private partnerships which has enabled us to significantly expand our financial assistance programs.

We will continue to explore all available resources to spur economic development projects and promote the continued growth of our existing business base, while attracting new investors to the City.

We are grateful for the dedication of the Board of Directors and for their commitment to Reinventing, Renewing, and Redeveloping Troy, and we look forward to a productive year.

Contact Dylan Turek, Director of Economic Development at (518) 279-7412 to learn more about:

 Board Members  Audit and Finance Committee   Governance Committee 
 Justin Nadeau, Chair  Justin Nadeau, Chair   Justin Nadeau, Chair
 Andy Ross, Vice Chair  Andy Ross, Vice Chair  Andy Ross, Vice  Chair
 Steven Strichman,  Executive  Director    Steven Strichman, Executive Director

The Troy LDC meets on the third Friday of every month at 9:00 a.m. in Troy City Hall.


  • Troy LDC Announces Plan to Approve Monument Square Land Development Agreement with Hoboken Brownstone Company [PDF]


BIDs and RFPs will be posted below when available. If you have any questions about the postings for Troy Local Devleopment Corporation, please contact the Andrew Kreshik, Project Manager at (518) 279-7153.