Bulk Pickup

Items such as furniture, appliances, carpets, mattresses, etc. may be picked up by scheduling an appointment with the Department of Public Works (DPW) dispatcher at (518) 270-4579. Do not place bulk items curbside prior to contacting DPW. Doing so will violate City Code and you may be assessed a fine. Requests can also be submitted online using our Junk/Bulk Items Form.

The following properties, including but not limited to, shall not receive bulk refuse collection from DPW:

  • commercial rental properties (offices, retail businesses, commercial apartment buildings)
  • tax exempt properties
  • not-for-profit agencies

These properties shall be responsible for bulk refuse removal through the use of private contractors.

Update: January 7th, 2019 – the City has updated the process for collecting bulk items.

There is a $25.00 haul charge for all scheduled bulk collections up to 2 cubic yards (example: washer and dryer side by side). Non-owner-occupied properties will be charged an additional fee based upon specific bulk waste items. Owner-occupied properties are exempt from itemized charges. A breakdown of waste types and pricing is below.

  • 2019 Bulk Pickup Tip Fee Schedule (PDF)