Solid Waste Management Billing

The current service rate is $219 annually, per residential unit. First installment is due by April 30. Second installment due by September 30.

In 2017, the City Council approved the implementation of a solid waste management fee for the City of Troy. This annual service fee will help the City improve solid waste collection services through more effective management of costs and implementation of environmental-friendly initiatives like composting and expanded single-stream recycling. The City is developing an updated solid waste management & recycling program to reduce the volume of solid waste collected annually by the City.

Each residential property is subject to a garbage collection charge. A service fee is charged annually, per residential unit. Payment will be due in two installments of each fiscal year to the City Treasurer’s office.

  • The first installment is due no later than April 30
  • The second installment is due no later than September 30

If either date occurs on a weekend or holiday, payment will be due the next business day.

For questions regarding the City’s Solid Waste Management Program, please contact the Office of General Services at (518) 279-7158.

For questions regarding garbage billing, please call the Treasure’s Office at (518) 279-7115.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the service rate calculated?

The rate is based on the New York State Real Property System (NYSRPS) file for the City of Troy. For example, if your house is identified as a two (2) family / two (2) unit home, then you will be billed $386 total.

I own and live in a two family home, but do not rent the second unit. Will I be required to pay a fee for both units?

An owner-occupied two-unit property who has elected not to rent such residential unit on a permanent basis can apply for an exemption from the fee for the non-rented unit. The owner of the property may complete an exemption form with the City’s Code Enforcement Bureau or complete and download the “Solid Waste Collection Fee: Exemption Application Form” from our Online Forms. Upon verification the fee will be exempt.

I currently use a private garbage collection service. Will I be exempt from the solid waste fee?

Yes, any commercial or residential property that has private garbage collection service will be eligible for exemption from the collection fee. Please provide certification of private collection –such as a contract with the company – when returning your bill to the City for verification. Upon verification, the fee will be exempted.

I qualified for the Enhanced STAR property tax exemption. How does that affect the residential unit fee?

The owner of an occupied residential property who has qualified for Enhanced STAR will be entitled to the exemption from the fee for the residential unit in which the owner is actually residing. For example, if the owner lives in a two (2) unit home and qualifies for the Enhanced STAR exemption the one (1) unit in which he/she occupies would be exempt, but the additional unit would be subject to the fee. Please note this on your bill upon payment and the City will verify.

My property is a vacant building, parking lot, or garage. Will these parcels be exempt from the fee?

Buildings registered with the City’s vacant building registry are eligible for exemption from the fee. Please make notation on your bill and return to the City for further verification. Upon verification from Code Enforcement the bill will be exempted.

I received a bill for a two-unit property, but my house is a one-family home.

If you believe your property was incorrectly identified, please contact the City Assessor’s office at (518) 279-7126 or (518) 279-7127.


If you wish to apply for an EXEMPTION complete and download the “Solid Waste Collection Fee: Exemption Application Form” from our Online Forms.