Litter and Dumping

Litter and dumping is illegal. If you would like to report littering or dumping, please contact one of our Litter Patrol Officers for the Zone the incident occurred in. View the illegal dumping flyer here.

Preventing Illegal Dumping:
Leaving bulk items out for several days may attract illegal dumping, and you risk receiving a violation/fine. If your bulk pickup is missed, call the DPW dispatcher (518-270-4579) immediately.

View Zone Map

Violations found from Hoosick St and NORTH OF HOOSICK ST
Phone: (518) 279-7140 or Email

Violations found SOUTH OF HOOSICK ST to Ferry St and Brunswick Road. Includes Prospect Park, Cheryl CT, and Taylor LN
Phone (518) 279-7168 or Email

Violations found SOUTH OF FERRY ST and from Pawling Ave to the EAST SIDE
Phone: (518) 279-7175 or Email

How to Document and Report Illegal Dumping:
Take pictures, videos, etc. of the items dumped then CALL the non-emergency Police line (518-270-4411). Owner must be present at the property location to file a report. Get a case number or a copy of the report for your records.

Once you have documented the materials and filed a report, call the DPW dispatcher at (518-270-4579) to request removal of the materials. Provide them with the Police case number.

Things you can do:

  • Put up signs or cameras to help prevent illegal dumping.
  • Start a conversation with your neighbors! They may be experiencing similar issues.
  • You are the first line of defense and are responsible for your property, so know what’s going on in your neighborhood.
  • DO NOT confront a person who is actively dumping.