Mayor Issues Update on “Recode Troy” Zoning Process

Mayor Issues Update on “Recode Troy” Zoning Process

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TROY, NY (December 23, 2021) – Mayor Patrick Madden today announced the City’s “Recode Troy” draft zoning ordinance update is nearing completion, and will be released in early next year for public review and comment. Final adoption of the code is anticipated for spring 2022. For more info, visit

The document will replace the current outdated ordinance developed in the 1980’s that is inconsistent with the Troy of today and is not protective of Troy’s existing neighborhoods. Following adoption of a new Comprehensive Plan in 2018, the City began the process to update the City’s Zoning to ensure that it is consistent with the Plan’s goals and recommendations. Updates to the document provide information in concise, easy to understand language, with tables and illustrations.

Mayor Madden said, “Troy’s existing Zoning Ordinance is outdated, recommends suburban style development, offers inconsistent and contradictory guidance for City staff, and provides the Planning Commission with limited ability to require site plan changes that benefit our neighborhoods. The proposal outlined in the ‘Recode Troy’ ordinance provides better, more thorough guidelines to ensure responsible, equitable growth for our City in the coming decades.”

The draft “Recode Troy” document will be available for review online beginning next year. There will be a presentation to the Planning and Zoning Board, followed by meetings in February and March for the public to learn and ask questions about the new Zoning ordinance. A Steering committee consisting of local business owners and neighborhood representatives, and city officials participated in the review and preparation of the draft code. Development of the “Recode Troy” project was funded through a grant from New York Department of State.

Rezoning is an act to amend the City’s official zoning ordinance and zoning map. “Recode Troy” is an entire re-write of the City’s existing code to modernize guidelines that address housing, sustainability, neighborhood growth, storm resiliency, and waterfront development.

Highlights of the draft “Recode Troy” ordinance include:

  1. Update of the Use Map – the number of districts has been reduced from 21 to 14, consolidating zones that are largely similar and eliminating redundancy.
  2. Addition of a Map and guidance that addresses neighborhood character and scale at the block level for lot development considerations such as setbacks, lot coverage and building heights for the entire city while eliminating unnecessary standards creating more flexibility for developing of infill sites. The Development Intensity Zones and Map will provide the protection to retain neighborhood character missing in the current code.
  3. Architectural guidelines were added to encourage building design fundamentals that are compatible with the City’s traditional character.
  4. Changes to signage to be more user-friendly and comprehensive.
  5. Updates to parking requirements to remove antiquated off-street parking requirements, over-building of surface lots (often required in suburban settings) to prevent neighborhoods becoming overrun with asphalt surface areas for vehicle parking. Also requires parking plans to ensure that new uses have sufficient capacity for parking.
  6. Sustainability requirements were added, including Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations and bike rack requirements, support for green infrastructure and better storm water management.
  7. Creation of a Resilient Waterfront and Flood Risk Overlay that supports new waterfront development while providing more shoreline protection and using building practices designed to withstand flooding in areas at risk for flooding.  The Overlay also addresses locating new critical infrastructure outside of flood-risk areas.

The new ordinance also includes stricter guidelines related to convenience stores, drive-through facilities, and further clarifies language on storm water management.


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