Mayor Madden Announces Scheduled Infrastructure Maintenance on Water Storage Tanks

Mayor Madden Announces Scheduled Infrastructure Maintenance on Water Storage Tanks

Mayor Madden Announces Scheduled Infrastructure Maintenance on Water Storage Tanks

City will be repainting two water storage tanks in Lansingburgh, East Side neighborhoods

Repainting tanks to strengthen city’s water delivery system, prevent deterioration

Work requires temporary shutdown of tanks; Troy properties within specific service areas could experience pressure fluxuations, discolored water

Mayor Madden: routine maintenance to drinking water infrastructure system is necessary for long-term health of residents, businesses

TROY, NY – Mayor Patrick Madden today announced the City of Troy Department of Public Utilities will be conducting routine maintenance on two water storage tanks in the Lansingburgh and Eastside neighborhoods beginning next week. The 800,000 gallon storage tank on Gurley Avenue, and the 5,000,000 gallon water storage tank located on Spring and Pawling, will be repainted to prevent deterioration and extend the life of the city’s water delivery system.

Repainting the tanks will require them to be taken out of service. This will reduce the storage capacity of the system until work is completed. During this time, Troy residents in the affected service areas may see fluctuating water pressure and possibly discolored water. A map of impacted service areas is available at In addition to painting operations, crews will install aerators in the tanks to provide for better water quality and reduce Tri Halo Methanes, a byproduct of chlorination. 

Mayor Madden said, “It is critical that we make the necessary investments to protect and preserve our water infrastructure system for the health of our community and customers & businesses across the Capital Region who rely on it. I am pleased we can move this important infrastructure project forward and thank residents for their patience while this essential work is conducted.”

Temporary backup pumps will be used to ensure sufficient water pressure and flow for affected service areas. Public Utilities have calculated in fire flows for fire protection services in coordination with the Troy Fire Department. The Gurley Avenue system will rely on pumps that will run 24/7, with a temporary backup pump located on Gurley Avenue to ensure pressures are met and flows are sustained. The storage tank on Spring and Pawling Avenue provides water service to the High Service system. The pressure for this system will be provided from the Tibbits Avenue tank to ensure pressure and flows for local customers in Troy.

The Gurley Avenue system work will begin sometime during the week of May 27th, and continue for 3 weeks. The Pawling Avenue system work is anticipated to start the week of June 3rd, and continue for 3 weeks. The Department of Public Utilities does not anticipate any issues, including loss of water service or very high pressure. However, varying water pressures will be observed.

Any questions can be relayed by email to [email protected] or (518) 237-0193 during normal hours of operation, Monday through Friday.

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