Mayor Madden Delivers Remarks during Troy Fire Department Swearing-In Ceremony


Transcript | Mayor Patrick Madden Delivers Remarks during Troy Fire Department Swearing-In Ceremony

Transcript of prepared remarks delivered by Troy Mayor Patrick Madden during the Troy Fire Department’s swearing-in ceremony for new firefighters Patrick Ryan (third from right) and Jeffery Natske (second from right) at Troy City Hall on Thursday, April 6, 2017.

“Today is a watershed event in your life. You are being sworn in as firemen in the City of Troy.

“You have a bit of work ahead of you before you are out on the streets but this day is the beginning of a journey for you that will define your life.

“You are joining a brotherhood, a family if you will, that extends across this country. You will form bonds like no other you have experienced before. Embrace that. You will work hard and in dangerous conditions. You will miss holidays, soccer games and school concerts. You will work in 90 degree heat and subzero temperatures. You will put your self is risky situations to help others in the time of their greatest need and their greatest vulnerability. Yours is a proud profession of public service. Today you are answering the call.

“Along the way we will do our best to train and equip you to keep you safe and effective. And I would urge you to listen to and learn from the other members of the department. They have seen and experienced a lot and are eager to share that knowledge with you. Take advantage of that resource.

“So, on behalf of the residents of the City of Troy I welcome you to our outstanding Fire Department and I thank you for the service and sacrifice you are about to make.”

04-06-17 Troy Fire Department Swearing-In Ceremony



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