Mayor Madden: Engineering Report Concludes Minimum of $2.4M Needed to Repair Troy Pools

Mayor Madden: Engineering Report Concludes Minimum of $2.4M Needed to Repair Troy Pools


Mayor Madden: Engineering Report Concludes Minimum of $2.4M Needed to Repair Troy Pools

Engineering Analysis of Pools, Aquatic Equipment & Systems Identified Significant Structural and Mechanical Deficiencies at Knickerbacker, South Troy Swimming Facilities

Report Recommends Closure of Both Municipal Pools for 2017 Summer Season

Analysis Affirms Administration’s Early Assessment of Condition, Safety, and Accessibility of Pools

Mayor Madden: Administration to Develop Long-Term Plan for City Aquatic Facilities, Collaborating with Local & Regional Partners to Strengthen Summer Youth Recreational Programming

TROY, NYMayor Patrick Madden today announced the release of the engineering assessment and condition report of the South Troy and Knickerbacker municipal swimming pools. The report estimates a minimum of $2.4M will be needed to repair both facilities and recommends the swimming pools remain closed for the 2017 summer season so that identified issues can be addressed.

“The results of the recently-released engineering report affirm my administration’s preliminary assessment of the overall condition, safety and accessibility of Troy’s swimming facilities,” said Mayor Patrick Madden. “In the coming days and weeks, the administration will review and analyze the results of this detailed report and formulate a short- and long-term plan for the future of our aquatic facilities. The safety of our residents, children and families is of utmost importance, and we will work in cooperation with our local and regional partners to strengthen our City’s summer recreation programming and find a financially-responsible solution which will benefit our community.”

Earlier this year the City contracted CDM Smith to conduct an assessment of the City’s swimming pool facilities in South Troy and Knickerbacker Park. The goal of the study was to identify failed or failing systems and unsafe conditions. The City also requested cost estimates for repairs to ensure a minimum useful life of five years. The report identified significant structural and mechanical deficiencies at both municipal swimming pools and support facilities, and provided detailed recommendations for the repair or replacement of components and systems for each location, including:

• repairs to the concrete pool decks;
• replacement of underground piping;
• repairs to pool gutters;
• stair railing replacements;
• repairs to corroded portions of the steel pool shell at the Knickerbacker location; and
• repairs to sections of amenities buildings.

Other deficiencies in mechanical equipment were also identified and recommended for replacement, including failing/failed components of the filter system, pool chemical systems, and piping supports and joints. Further examinations of the unexposed Knickerbacker pool wall and underground piping were also recommended. Depending on the range of options outlined in the assessment report the repairs to the two pools ranged from a low of $2.4M to a high of $4.2M. In addition, the report also provided an approximate cost estimate of $3.8M for a full site replacement for each facility (including demolition, design and construction costs).

Additionally, the report also recommends the City address all New York State Department of Health code violations and Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Standards which require recreational facilities are accessible to disabled users, including the addition of a primary means of access to swimming pools via a sloped entry ramp or lift.

“Children, families and residents of all ages and abilities deserve the right to access recreational facilities in the City of Troy,” Mayor Madden added. “We must ensure that any plans to develop new recreational opportunities for the City will allow those with physical disabilities, especially our young people, to enjoy and participate in programming and aquatic activities throughout the summer season and year-round.”

The City of Troy understands the importance of keeping cool during the summer months and is encouraging residents to enjoy the City’s 6 spray pools located at Corliss Park, Knickerbacker Park, Frear Park, Riverfront Park, Prospect Park, and South Troy. These facilities will be open and available for public use throughout the 2017 summer season. An additional five spray pools are also available at several Troy Housing Authority locations, including the Fallon Apartments, Griswold Heights (Madison Avenue), Phelan Court, the John P. Taylor Apartments, and the MLK Apartments.


The Knickerbacker and South Troy Pool & Aquatic Equipment, Systems Improvement Analysis report is available for review and download at

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