Mayor Madden Issues Extreme Cold Weather Advisory for City of Troy

Mayor Madden Issues Extreme Cold Weather Advisory for City of Troy

For Immediate Release
January 05, 2018

Mayor Madden Issues Extreme Cold Weather Advisory for City of Troy

TROY, NY – Ahead of the arrival of extreme cold temperatures expected for the upcoming weekend, today Mayor Patrick Madden issued an extreme cold weather advisory for the City of Troy, New York for Friday, January 5 through Sunday, January 7. Residents are being asked to take additional steps to stay safe throughout the weekend.

Mayor Patrick Madden said, “Without taking proper precautions, extreme cold temperatures can pose a serious risk to personal safety during the winter season. Residents are urged to stay indoors this weekend to protect themselves and their families from the severe winter weather conditions that continue to impact our City and region.”

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Wind Chill Warning for the Greater Capital District, including Troy, New York. The Wind Chill Warning remains in effect until 7:00 am, Sunday, January 7. According to NWS, wind gusts are expected to reach 45 mph which can cause frostbite in less than 10 minutes to exposed skin. High winds may also cause some blowing and drifting of snow which may create slippery road conditions in some areas. Motorists are asked to reduce speeds, exercise caution and watch for plow vehicles operating on City streets.

Troy residents should limit travel and stay indoors during the worst part of extreme cold temperatures. If you must travel, check your vehicle’s tire pressure, heater and defroster, and antifreeze levels. Never travel alone, and keep others informed of your schedule and route. If you must go outside, wear multiple layers of lightweight, loose-fitting clothing, along with a hat and scarf to reduce heat loss and protect your mouth and face. Troy residents are also reminded to check on neighbors, especially the elderly, sick, disabled, or those with small children or pets. Plan to bring pets inside during periods of extreme cold.

More Extreme Cold safety tips and information can be found on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Ready.Gov website.

Due to the extreme cold and ongoing snow plowing operations, garbage and recycling pickup will be extended into Monday, January 8. Garbage or recycling not collected on Friday, January 5, will be collected on Monday, January 8. Bulk trash pickup has been postponed until Monday. High winds are also expected throughout the weekend. Residents are asked to secure their garbage when placing curbside for collection.

Additionally, city officials are reminding Troy residents to take steps to prevent household pipes from freezing during periods of extreme cold.

  1. Keep your thermostat set to the same temperature for both day and night, even when you are not home;
  2. Close all exterior doors, including garage doors and other exterior entryways;
  3. Open hot & cold faucets to a slow drip during the coldest time of the day or night;
  4. Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to allow heat to reach un-insulated pipe near exterior walls. Don’t forget to remove any stored household cleaners and chemicals out of the reach of children; and
  5. Know the location of your internal shut off valves in case of a leak or frozen pipe.

Additional information on preventative measures is available on the City of Troy website.


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