Mayor Madden Issues Update on Inclement Winter Weather Conditions

Mayor Madden Issues Update on Inclement Winter Weather Conditions


Mayor Madden Issues Update on Inclement Winter Weather Conditions

TROY, NYMayor Patrick Madden has issued an update to the residents of Troy pertaining to the inclement winter weather conditions being experienced across the Capital Region. Residents are encouraged to share this information with their neighbors and friends.

During inclement winter weather, residents are asked to stay off the road unless necessary. This will allow for city snow removal efforts to continue effectively and efficiently.

At this time, residents are encouraged to use public parking lots in their neighborhoods, including: the 5th Avenue parking garage and the State Street parking garage, along with the City surface parking areas located at the Little Italy Market lot, the Green Island lot, the 5th Avenue & Congress Street lot, the Knickerbacker Ice Facility, the South Troy Pool and the Frear Park Golf Course. For overnight and weekend parking during a declared Snow Emergency, residents can utilize the 4th Street lot which is between Ferry and Congress, and the Y-Lot which is 1st Street between River and State Street. If available, please park your vehicle in your driveway to keep city roadways as clear of obstacles as possible.

Until a Snow Emergency is called please abide by all posted signs regarding parking. Normal parking restrictions will apply. Your cooperation will assist in keeping our streets open and passable. In the event a Snow Emergency is declared alternate side parking will be in effect for designated streets. Please refer to the City’s website for full details.

In the event of a Snow Emergency, residents are encouraged to call 274-TROY (8769) for pre-recorded messages or the Department of Public Works Dispatcher at 270-4579 for information on vehicle towing, vehicle impound locations and specific street information. To find out if a Snow Emergency has been declared, please visit or the city’s social media pages (see below).

Residents are reminded to clear snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property. Clearing your sidewalk will assist those with mobility issues, including the disabled and elderly, and will help first responders (Police and Fire Departments) during possible medical emergencies in your neighborhood.

Please DO NOT shovel snow into city roadways. Doing so will reduce the effectiveness of snow removal operations by city crews and is a public hazard.

Assist the Troy Fire Department and help protect your family and neighborhood by shoveling out any fire hydrants near your home during and after a snowstorm. In the event of a fire this will save firefighters valuable time when they first arrive at the scene.

Take precautions to prevent household pipes from freezing by opening hot and cold faucets to a slow drip.

Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly, sick, disabled or those with small children or pets.

A snow emergency has not been declared at this time. Please refer to the City’s website for full details of Troy’s Snow Emergency procedures. Additional information and updates will be available on the City of Troy’s social media pages.


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