Mayor Madden Releases Proposed 2022 City Budget

Mayor Madden Releases Proposed 2022 City Budget

FY-2022 budget proposal is under the NYS Property Tax Cap for 5th consecutive year and administration’s 6th overall balanced budget since 2016

Budget proposal aims to improve City operations and services, invest in infrastructure and city-owned facilities, and support the continued revitalization of Troy’s neighborhoods

$77.9M spending plan proposes a modest 2.28% increase for 2022, with an average monthly increase of $4.24

TROY, NY (October 8th, 2021) – Mayor Patrick Madden today announced the release of the proposed 2022 City Budget, his administration’s 6th balanced budget proposal which aims to improve municipal operations and services, invest in the city’s infrastructure and facilities, and support neighborhood revitalization across the Collar City.

The $77.97M spending plan proposes a 2.28% property tax increase for the upcoming 2022 fiscal year, with an average monthly increase of $4.24 for homeowners with a home valued at $150,000. For the 5th consecutive year, the Collar City’s annual budget proposal is below the New York State Property Tax Cap. The proposal is available at

Mayor Madden said, “After a challenging year defined by a global pandemic and public health crisis, I am pleased to present our 2022 proposed budget. This proposal is another fiscally responsible plan that improves City operations and services through targeted investments in various municipal departments to improve neighborhood quality of life. We are proud of our progress to restore Troy’s financial standing during the last six years, and I look forward to engaging with the City Council to pass this budget proposal with bipartisan support.”

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The administration’s 2022 budget proposal adds staff capacity in various departments, including Code Enforcement, Streets, Parks, and Parking Enforcement.  These additions will help strengthen the City’s capacity and enhance the quality and level of municipal services for Collar City residents and families.

The budget proposal also includes creation of a permanent Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the Mayor’s Office to assist in developing City-wide programs and policies that promote diversity within the City workforce.  This proposal is an outgrowth of the Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative (PRRC) and seeks to address long-standing issues of representation and systemic shortfalls in recruiting and hiring.

Additionally, the City will finance the purchase of new police vehicles from the General Fund. Previously, the City bonded for the costs of police vehicles.  The direct purchase of police vehicles was a recommendation of the NYS Comptroller’s Office and consistent with best practices recognized by the City’s credit rating agencies.

Additional highlights of the FY-2022 Budget Proposal include:

  • Further reduction of the Water Fund surplus transfer by $625,000. This is the second consecutive year which the administration has reduced the budgeted transfer to the General Fund.
  • No deferral of the City’s annual employee pension contributions.
  • For the first time in over a decade, labor contracts with all six of the City’s bargaining units are current and accounted for in the 2022 spending plan.

The budget proposal’s 2022 Capital Plan includes funding for investments in various city-owned facilities, parks, and critical infrastructure projects. Highlights include:

  • Purchase of new emergency vehicles for the Troy Fire Department, including an aerial ladder apparatus, new ambulance (the third new ambulance since 2017), and $825,000 for improvements at various fire stations, including the historic Canal Street Station in South Troy.
  • Purchase of two new garbage trucks (Department of Sanitation) and a new street sweeper (Department of Streets).
  • Funding for Phase 2 construction of the South Troy Industrial Park Road project to help remove heavy truck traffic from the South Troy and South Central neighborhoods and support future redevelopment along Troy’s southern waterfront.
  • $3M for extension of the Riverwalk trail northward to the Hoosick Street Bridge. This project includes the redevelopment of the park beneath the bridge underpass and adjacent to the Hudson River.
  • Funding for the city’s portion of the Monument Square and Riverfront Park 2.0 waterfront redevelopment project.
  • $300,000 for design work for the planned replacement of the upper high service tank (Department of Public Utilities) to strengthen the reliability of water delivery services.
  • Funds for design work associated with the Congress & Ferry Street transportation improvement project (TIP) to enhance pedestrian safety and accessibility on Congress and Ferry Streets, as well as the proposed Route 2 Multi-Modal Connectivity Project.
  • $1M for planned improvements for the Frear Park Golf Course, including an upgraded drainage system for the back nine. This investment will expand the playing season, allowing for greater use and increase course revenue.

The 2022 Capital Plan also accounts for necessary costs associated with Phase 2 of the Tomhannock Water Transmission Line project (2023) to replace century old water lines between the Tomhannock Reservoir and the Water Treatment Plant, and plans for the $7.5M replacement of Fire Station #1 in Troy’s Lansingburgh neighborhood.

The City’s FY-2022 Budget Proposal does not include federal stimulus funds provided to the City of Troy under the American Rescue Plan (ARP). ARP funds have been earmarked by the administration for economic recovery and targeted investments in Collar City neighborhoods for the benefit of the entire community. As a result, ARP funds will not be utilized for recurring municipal expenses. 

A summary of the city’s previously-announced initiatives and projects funded under the ARP is available here.

Solid Waste Management

Three new positions are proposed for the City’s Department of Sanitation, including two Sanitation Workers and one Account Clerk. Expansion of staff capacity will help improve garbage & recycling collection operations, and increase capacity for administration of new programs.

The FY-2022 budget proposal includes an increase of $26 to the annual solid waste management fee. The fee increase is directly attributable to three factors:

  • Legislative deferral of costs from FY-2021 to the subsequent budget year (2022);
  • Decrease in number of billable residential units who opted to utilize private garbage collection; and
  • Annual operating costs in the Sanitation Department.

Additionally, the FY-2022 budget proposal establishes a framework for implementation and deployment of a multi-size barrel system—beginning in 2023—to more fairly distribute costs for solid waste management to those who generate more garbage. Similar to the pricing structure of private garbage collection companies, the program will offer residential properties options for curbside garbage containers which will be billed by size. The proposal will replace the previously-proposed “Pay as You Throw” (PAYT) program.

“Municipalities across New York State are grappling with soaring costs for solid waste management,” Mayor Madden explained. “The loss of overseas recycling markets and shrinking space in local landfills creates annual increases in garbage collection and disposal. In response, we are working to expand programs that divert materials from local landfills, including residential composting, electronic recycling, and household hazardous waste collection, to reduce costs for City taxpayers and protect our environment.”

Water and Sewer Funds

The FY-2022 budget proposal includes a water rate increase of $0.20 / 1,000 gallons, and a sewer rate decrease of $0.20 / 1,000 gallons. These rate adjustments will result in no change to the total bill cost for Troy residents, families, and property owners. 

“Given the current economic conditions, rising costs and limited availability of commodities, our proposed budget for 2022 is a prudent and fiscally responsible spending plan that we are confident will help build a better tomorrow for Troy residents, taxpayers, and future generations of Trojans,” Mayor Madden continued. “I applaud the work of our Deputy Mayor, City Comptroller, department heads and various department-level staff for their contributions and efforts to develop this budget proposal.”


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