Mayor Madden, Troy Police Announce Release of Police Reform & Reinvention Collaborative (PRRC) Final Report

Mayor Madden, Troy Police Announce Release of Police Reform & Reinvention Collaborative (PRRC) Final Report

For Immediate Release
March 19, 2021

Mayor Madden, Troy Police Announce Release of Police Reform & Reinvention Collaborative (PRRC) Final Report

TROY, NY – Mayor Patrick Madden and Police Chief Brian Owens today announced the release of the final report from City’s Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative (PRRC) initiative. The plan outlines 15 recommendations to build trust between the community and police department and increase communication around the scope of policing in Troy.

The final report is available for public review at  

Mayor Patrick Madden said, “We’re proud of the final report issued by the Police Reform & Reinvention Collaborative. This process helped create meaningful dialogue around the issues of law enforcement and public safety while providing insight into the police department’s efforts to serve our community. It is an obtainable plan to implement real change and strengthen the relationship between the police department and the residents they serve.”

Chief of Police Brian Owens said, “The Troy Police Department is thankful to have been involved in the Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative (PRRC) initiative and we appreciate the continued opportunities to listen our community. We hear from many people every day about the efforts of our members and we look forward to strengthening our relationships and working together to solve issues that are most important to the people of Troy.”

A 15 member steering committee — consisting of public safety representatives, faith and neighborhood leaders, community stakeholders, social service representatives, and city officials — participated in nine public listening sessions during February and March. Residents, community members, and affinity groups provided public comment and recommendations for consideration by the PRRC. Feedback from the sessions was used to develop of a plan that outlines strategies for strengthening public safety in the Collar City.

The recommendations outlined in the PRRC report are as follows:

1.    Continue to engage with Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group (KJCG) to identify and remove barriers to better outcomes for policing in all of our communities.

2.    Develop a web-based complaint form with ‘plain language’ instructions and a description of the process so that the public understands how the process works and what to expect.

3.    Reconstitute the Police Objective Review Board.

4.    Design a policy and process to make disciplinary records more easily accessible to the public.

5.    Provide all police officers with Emotionally Distressed Persons Response Team training (EDPRT).

6.    Establish a task force to research possibilities to create a crisis intervention team for mental health calls in the City of Troy.

7.    Establish a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to assist in the recruitment, successful hiring and retention of individuals to make the City’s workforce more representative of the demographic make-up of the City.

8.    Revamp the Troy Police Department website to provide more transparency to the public regarding use of force, training, various policies, crime statistics as well as resources and opportunities available in the community.  

9.    Provide all police officers with business cards, including name and contact information, for distribution during interactions with the public.

10. Develop a Citizen Police Academy as a means to provide greater transparency and education regarding policing operations in the Troy Police Department.

11. Create a committee to research the feasibility of creating a Police Athletic League (or a similar styled entity).

12. Create a trauma response team activated for the community. Organizations gather at a traumatic event to help distribute information but also to help on site as needed.

13. Convene a work group to explore options to divert youthful offenders out of the formal criminal justice system.

14. Convene a work group to explore options to expand re-entry services.

15. Establish an Oversight Committee to Track Implementation of PRRC Recommendations

Community members can submit written comment on the draft plan to [email protected] or Public comment can also be sent via mail to:

“The process begun under the PRRC initiative is not the last step in this process, but the first of many future initiatives to address transparency, oversight, and increased communication between the City, Police Department, and community,” added Mayor Madden. “I want to thank the PRRC taskforce for their participation and contributions to this valuable process, and look forward to implementing many of the recommendations resulting from our discussions.”

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