Troy Independent Redistricting Commission

Pursuant to Section C 2 of the Troy City Charter, the Troy Independent Redistricting
Committee is charged with the task of determining whether the present City Council
districts comply with the requirements of Section C 2 of the Troy City Charter, and if they do
not comply, to recommend a new districting scheme.

The Council, shall appoint an independent commission of seven members who are electors of the City to examine the population within the boundaries of the six council districts of the City.

The charter provision requires that each council district contain neither less than 13% nor more than 18% of the population of the City and, to the greatest extent possible, shall be compact, contiguous, convenient and preserve neighborhood characteristics.

Commission Members
Redistricting commission members are appointed by the Troy City Council

Jill Nagy, Chairperson
Agnes Zink, Vice Chairperson
Mary Sweeney, Secretary
Jerry Ford
Blaise Hartley
Peter Kehoe
Robert Martiniano



2/16/2022 – Preliminary Report to City Council
5/1/2022 – Presentation to City Council On Proposed Districts
9/8/2022 – Troy Independent Redistricting Commission Final Report (Revised)

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Jan 20, 2022 Agenda | Minutes
Feb 3, 2022 Agenda | Minutes
Feb 10, 2022 Agenda | Minutes
Feb 24, 2022 Agenda | Minutes
Mar 22, 2022 Agenda | Minutes
April 7, 2022 Agenda | Minutes