Troy Police Seek Public’s Assistance in Deborah Koenig Homicide

Troy Police Seek Public’s Assistance in Deborah Koenig Homicide

For Immediate Release
July 21, 2020

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The Troy Police Department issued the following message seeking the public’s assistance into the unsolved murder of Deborah Koenig:

“We are currently investigating the homicide of Deborah Koenig  that occurred in mid-June, 1987. Deborah was 25 years old at the time of her death and was last seen on June 14th, 1987, shortly after midnight. Witnesses place Deborah in the area of Jackson and First Streets in South Troy. The initial investigation led to a couple of suspects that were arrested , but those charges were later dismissed and the case has gone cold for many years.

“Despite the passing of 33 years since the homicide of Deborah, The Troy Police Department and the family of Deborah Koenig continue to seek answers and justice. With the advancements in forensic technology and a reexamination of the evidence and the case, Troy Detectives are hopeful that those responsible will be identified and brought to justice.

“Anyone with information pertaining to the Deborah Koenig homicide is asked to call Detective Sergeant Anthony Conyers at (518) 270-4684.

“Thank you for your consideration and with your help we may be able to shed some light onto this investigation.”