Urgent: Take Action on the 2020 Census

Urgent: Take Action on the 2020 Census

Dear residents and neighbors,

I’m writing with an urgent message about the 2020 Census. Less than 54 percent of Troy households have completed their Census questionnaire. With less than 7 days left until the Census deadline on September 30th, this puts us at significant risk of an undercount.

Visit www.my2020census.gov to complete your household’s questionnaire

Response rates are down significantly in the Lansingburgh, North Central, Hillside, Downtown, Little Italy, South Troy, and Riverside neighborhoods, far behind the state and national average.

Your response is important as it will impact our community’s growth during the next 10 years.

Get counted today — visit www.my2020census.gov to shape the future of our community, and the future of our children.

Census results help determine how federal funds are distributed to local communities during the next decade. Funds for hospitals, schools, roads, infrastructure, and important programs like Head Start, special education, and other social services. This count also helps determine our state’s representation in Congress.

The Census is safe, easy, and important. All the information you provide is protected by federal law, and cannot be shared outside the Census bureau.

For the first time ever, the Census can be completed online. It takes less than 10 minutes using a smartphone or computer. You can also participate by phone at (844) 330-2020.

Complete your family’s Census questionnaire today at www.my2020census.gov

After you’ve completed your questionnaire, please reach out to your neighbors, family, and friends to remind them to complete their Census form. Let’s work together to ensure a full and accurate count for our community this fall.

Thank you, and stay safe.

Patrick Madden
Mayor, City of Troy

PS: Hear your neighbors, local business owners, and community leaders explain the importance of completing the 2020 Census questionnaire.