Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission was created as an independent agency charged with promoting and enforcing The City of Troy, NY's ethics and municipal law while rebuilding public trust in government.

The Ethics Commission is charged with promoting the City of Troy Code of Ethics by developing and providing:

  • Clear and comprehensive conflicts of interest code, providing clear guidance to officials, employees, contractors, and citizens;
  • Three kinds of sensible disclosure of interests: an annual disclosure statement, disclosure when a conflict arises (transactional disclosure), and disclosure when someone bids for business or requests a permit (applicant disclosure);
  • Effective administration, which gives swift advisory opinions, which has a monopoly on interpreting and enforcing the code, which can give waivers for exceptions, and which provides training for all officials and employees, as well as for everyone who does business with the local government; and
  • Whistle-blower protection so that our city employees and others will be able to report violations without endangering their jobs and pensions.

The Ethics Commission is also responsible to provide oversight of all potential ethics issues, actual or perceived, across all municipal agencies not explicitly exempt per the City Charter. Our goal is to develop a true open government in the City of Troy, while providing direction in accountability, integrity, and transparency to the citizens we represent and the government that represent them.

Additionally, the Board of Ethics is responsible for approving ethics training and education for the members of the City of Troy's workforce.


  • Position Vacant, Chair
  • Steve Mueller, Secretary
  • Peter Kehoe
  • Thomas Hotte
  • Paul McCarthy
  • Raquel Velho

Agenda & Minutes

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