Landlord Registry

The Troy City Council enacted Chapter 177 of the Troy City Code entitled Landlord Registry.

The purpose of the law was to establish a procedure for the identification and registration of rental properties and to ensure that the city of Troy has a meaningful, efficient and effective means of communicating with persons and companies who own rental property.

The City also desires to promote the health and safety of tenants and residents of the City and to alleviate conditions of substandard housing, including slums and blight. To that end, all non-owner occupied rental properties are required to submit a Landlord Registration Statement within 90 days of ownership transfer (see § 177-7 landlord registration statement), the $150 registration fee will be waived if received within the 90 days of new ownership. There will be late fees assessed for registering after the 90 days (see §177-8 Fees).

If you wish to learn more about the law, please refer to Chapter 177 Landlord Registry of the City Code.

Please mail the Landlord Registration Form (PDF) to:

City of Troy
Code Enforcement
c/o Landlord Registry
433 River Street
Troy, NY 12180

If you have any questions regarding the Landlord Registry, please feel free to contact the Code Enforcement office at 518-279-7180.