Park Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, please follow all posted rules as well as any applicable Troy laws and city ordinances (Section 216-5 and Section 216-6) The following are prohibited:

  1. Damaging, destroying, defacing, tampering, displacing, removing of any gates, fences, seats, shelters, structures, equipment, buildings, signs, notices or any growing thing.
  2. No littering
  3. No Spitting
  4. No displaying flags, banners, signs or any other matter for advertising purposes or attempt to attract attention for advertising using musical instruments or any sound devices without the approval of the Supervisor of Parks and Recreation.
  5. No soliciting
  6. No disorderly conduct
  7. The driving or hitting of golf balls is prohibited, except at golf courses.
  8. No bicycle riding, except on proper paths and roadways.
  9. No threatening, abusive, profane, or obscene language.
  10. Performing any obscene or indecent act.
  11. To enter or exit park or park area outside the established entranceways or exits.
  12. Any voluntary acts causing or contributing to the injury of any person, animal or property within any park or park area.
  13. No disrobing
  14. No camping or erecting a tent shelter in any park or park area except by permission from the Supervisor of Parks and Recreation.
  15. No firearms or concealed weapons
  16. No fireworks
  17. The sale of any wares, merchandise, foods and beverages except with the written permission of the Supervisor of Parks and Recreation.
  18. No fires
  19. Animals (includes dogs and all other domesticated animals)
  20. Smoking is subjected to a $50 fine. (This includes sports fields, swimming pools, or playgrounds).
  21. Unauthorized vehicles parked inside a park unless in a specified parking area.