Electronics Recycling Events 

Electronic waste, or e-waste, includes items such as computers, televisions, electrical cords, game consoles, and more. It is illegal in New York State to put these items into the garbage because special care is required to recycle them. The City offers an electronics recycling event once per year, typically in the Fall. Registration is required.

Eligible Items/Services:

Item Name Examples Cost
Electronics TVs 
gaming consoles
cell phones
electrical cords/cables
No charge
Appliances Refrigerators
Air conditioners
No charge
Paper/Document Shredding   No charge
Tire Disposal Bicycle tires
Passenger vehicle tires
Bicycle: $1 / tire
Passenger vehicle: $5 / tire
All other tires (size dependent): $10 - $100 / tire

Additionally, there are other ways to recycle electronic waste, including:

  • Recycling/trade-in programs at local electronics retailers
  • Drop offs at second hand stores