Police Objective Review Board

The Police Objective Review Board (PORB) is authorized and empowered by Chapter 79 Article II of the Troy City Code.

The Code authorizes a board of eight members to perform the following duties and functions:

  1. Review completed professional standards investigations conducted by the Troy Police Bureau and make findings and recommendations concerning the Bureau's internal processes and thoroughness of each such investigation and, based upon such reviews, study and recommend means through which the Police Bureau may provide greater service to the community;
  2. Study and recommend means to improve relations between the City police and the public;
  3. Study existing hiring practices and make recommendations concerning the need for changes (e.g., the need for additional background investigations, psychological tests, different educational requirements, etc.);
  4. Study existing training requirements and programs and make recommendations for improvements; and
  5. Examine the administrative review process for completed professional standards investigations, perform further examination of such process and investigations upon such direction to the Board by the Mayor and submit a report of Board findings to the Mayor upon completion of each such review.

The Board is intended to act independently of the City and, therefore, no City employees serve as voting members on the Board.

File Complaint or Submit Compliment

The Board acts as a non-biased independent body to review operations of and make recommendations to the Troy Police Department and Mayor.  The PORB does not conduct de novo reviews of complaints, but rather reviews the process by which complaints are received, investigated and resolved within the Department.  Accordingly, the Board does not receive complaints directly from the public.  Complaints and compliments must be submitted to the Troy Police Department.

To get instructions on how to file a complaint with the Troy Police Department visit their File a Complaint page.

To get instructions on how to submit a compliment for an officer with the Troy Police Department visit their Submit a Compliment page.

Compliment and Complaint Process Brochure (PDF)


Marcus Nix, Chair
Starletta Smith, Vice Chair
Elijah Scott, Secretary
Jeff Anderson
Michael Tuttman
Peter McCorkle
Sarah Crockwell
Taneisha Harris

Non-Voting Members:

Richard Morrissey, Corporation Counsel
Officer William Fitch, PBA Representative
Captain Anthony Conyers, Office of Professional Standards


View annual reports for the Police Objective Review Board.

Agenda and Minutes

View Agenda and Minutes for upcoming and past meetings.