The Department

The Troy Police Department (TPD) is staffed by 137 sworn members, and a support staff of 17. The department's $20,700,000 budget provides fiscal support for a full-array of law enforcement services, including specialty units, such as Evidence Technicians, Community Police, K9 Units, and a technologically advanced Mobile Command Post. The department features two primary divisions, Operations and the Detective/Support Division, commanded by an Assistant Chief and Deputy Chief, respectively.

Accredited by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, TPD provides a high level of service through an active community policing philosophy. The City of Troy is well-recognized for its partnership with community groups. Service to the community is provided by three police facilities sited throughout the city.

Administrative Services 

Police Chief Secretary — Kitty Carley 518-270-4525 
Community Police Assistant — Meghan LaBarge 518-270-4689
Payroll — Michele Miles 518-270-4443
Property — William Gillett 518–270-4434 
Garage — Supervisor Robert Paloski 518-270-5653
Mechanic — Walter Skotnicki 518-270-5653
Records — Sergeant Jamshid Holehan 518-270-4653
Training — Captain John Becker 518-270-4433 
Office of Professional Standards — Captain: Anthony Conyers 518-270-4414
Technology and Grants — Captain Shane Kiley 518-270-4657 
Administrative Captain —  Captain Stephen Seney 518-270-4478

  1. Detective & Support Division
  2. Operations Division

Christopher Kehn
Deputy Chief
Phone: 518-270-4444

Detective Division

Captain: Adam Mason
Phone: 518-270-4427

  • All investigations
  • Missing and exploited children
  • Domestic violence investigation
  • Gang intelligence
  • Juvenile
  • Sex offender registry

Special Units

  • Emergency Response Team

Community Police

  • Main Number 518-270-4689
  • Captain: Thomas Bevevino
    Phone: 518-270-4655
  • Sergeant: Daniel Magnetto
    Phone: 518-270-4524
  • Special Operations Section
    • Drug Tip Line: 518-270-4777
    • Narcotics
    • Vice
    • Prostitution
  • Civil enforcement unit
  • Nuisance abatement enforcement
  • Traffic
    • Traffic safety programs and training
    • Child seat install and inspections
    • Crossing guards
    • Motorcycle patrol
    • Investigate traffic complaints and major crashes
    • Commercial vehicle enforcement
    • D.W.I. enforcement