About the TPD

accredited agencyThe Troy Police Department is a fully accredited NYS law enforcement agency

Troy Police Department Motto

We recognize that our community and local government have to be equal shareholders in the crime fighting business, but that we are ultimately answerable to the citizens, as they are the guardians of the constitution and all our freedoms. As shareholders we want our agency members dealing with our partners justly and committed to the following STP motto, as we venture into the next century.

Service — Service is a pledge to render aid, contributing to the welfare of others. It is a call beyond duty to extend one's self, occasionally outside our self-imposed boundaries, to be helpful.

Trust —  Trust is the development of a sense of assurance, by the community, of our character, ability, strength and truth in our relationships with them. Our commitment to administer a steadfast, but compassionate response to calls for service, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, or sexual orientation, without favor is the cornerstone of our trust building endeavor.

Professionalism  —  is the skilled and proficient delivery of police service, conforming to the ethical and technical standards of our vocation.

Our Patch

The Troy Police Department shoulder patch was designed in the early 60's and depicts the symbol of Uncle Sam on the State of New York. During the war of 1812, Sam Wilson was a meat packer (meat used to be packed in barrels) living in Troy, New York. Each barrel of meat rations was stamped U.S., before it was shipped to the soldiers. The soldiers of that time equated their United States supplied rations with Uncle Sam Wilson. The story grew to mythological proportions, resulting in a somewhat fictional image of Sam Wilson emerging as the white bearded, red-white-and-blue clad symbol of America. The best known Uncle Sam image originated over fifty years ago as part of a war-time recruitment poster, encouraging qualified citizens to join the armed forces. In addition to the bald eagle and the stars and stripes, this made Sam Wilson one of the United States most recognized national symbols.

The 87th Congress of the United States adopted a Resolution on September 15, 1961, "Resolved by the Senate and the House of Representatives that the Congress salutes Uncle Sam Wilson of Troy, New York, as the progenitor of America's National symbol of Uncle Sam".